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Square Easter basket – Grow grass in a take out pizza box

by Anna
square easter nest
Last year for Easter I ordered sod lawn. The advertising folders of the home improvement stores had been full of take away pizza type boxes with grass in them. I thought it was the coolest thing to order a patch of grass in a box for Easter decorations. To use it then as an nest (we do nests instead of Easter baskets) filled with chocolate eggs for the actual holiday.
pizzakarton osternest
I had found a place online in Northern Germany that would ship pizza boxed sod lawn for free. Just not into my state. So, no grass box for me. That was last year. This year I already knew way before the advertising folders arrived that I would have a square Easter basket in a pizza box. I would not blame you if you wanted one too…
boxed grass easter nest
supplies take out pizza box, plastic bag, sod lawn or grass seeds, soil

Line the pizza box with plastic, fill with soil and sprinkle the grass seeds and water. Put in a sunny place and wait. What? I know! Since this a bit last minute get sod lawn at the home improvement store and put in in the box. Okay? Okay.
pizza box easter basket
Decorate with a bunny and your favorite Easter treats.

I can hardly wait for the weekend! Easter brunch, Easter egg hunt and Easter fire. And maybe we’ll go to a place where there will be fireworks too. What are your plans for the Easter weekend?


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