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Customizing jeans shorts with lace

by Anna
lace trimmed shorts
The thing from my tag line that I post least about is customizing fashion. Gotta work on that today with todays post which is also number 300 on this site, yay!

I love to customize and these shorts are a project that is particularly dear to me. I think I must have owned these jeans for about ten years. I wore them as long pants until they got all ripped, then cut them off and wore them as just plain cut-off shorts. For a couple of years again. Then I found the cutest little triangle pattern lace ribbon – reminds me of picot edges – at the fabric market around this time last year and started to trim the legs. Well, I misjudged the amount of lace it would take to go around (I know, there are measuring tapes in this world but I wasn’t planning on this). Half a year later on the next fabric market in my area I got the lace…
diy lace jeans shorts
With spring having sprung I finally proudly present: the lace trimmed shorts! They had been spruced up before – see those sparkly embellishments? For the longest time I wore them rather punk despite the glitter heart: a safety pin worked as a button. Since they do not really need to have a zipper and button (they are a bit big anyway), I put on a little folded lace trim as a permanent closure. Pretty punk, as well…
customized jeans shorts
So lace ribbon all around the legs, and on each pocket it was. For the legs I simply pinned the lace underneath the fabric starting at the inner leg seam and stitched all the way around on top of the pants. For the pockets I stuffed as much of the ribbon underneath the pocket fabric while I cut into the fabric part of the ribbon and folded it under lace at the sides. I stitched over the pocket – I do not use those either – and it was done. This is a fast, cute and easy way to spruce up some shorts. Also, there is the hipster called lace involved…

Considering these were my around the house shorts, I think I will get a lot of wear out of these in the great outdoors this coming summer. What do you think?

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