Easy tofu caper celery salad

by Anna
tofu celery salad
I am lost for words today. I have three beginnings for this post but for each one there is also a reason why it won’t work. So let’s just think about how well celery (the totally underestimated vegetable), tasty capers, tofu and a creamy vinaigrette work together. Sounds good? Too bad it wasn’t my idea. Here’s the original recipe which contains egg. And is totally delicious – as is the tofu version. Wether you prefer it vegan or vegetarian, there is one piece of advice that I do want to offer: eat this salad warm. I promise you will be pleased.
pikanter sellerie salat
Easy celery salad adapted from ZEITmagazin
1 medium sized celery root
100 g tofu (or 1 hard-boiled egg)
3 teaspoons capers
mustard, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper

Whisk together some mustard, vinegar and oil to make a creamy salad dressing. Chop and add the capers. Cube the tofu in itsy bitsy cubes – if you are using an egg, cube that. Mix and let tofu or egg soak in the marinade.
easy celery salad
Peel and cube the celery root. You want small cubes, but bigger than the tofu pieces. Cook the celery cubes in a steamer or in salted water on the stove for up to 20 minutes. Add the cooked celery cubes to the marinade and enjoy warm. It’s a treat!

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