Lounge, Studio

Wanderlust album scrapbooking

made by Hetty, written by Anna
wanderlust album
Some people get pangs of wanderlust every now and then. I AM a pang of wanderlust. Constantly. I am dreaming of all the cities that I want to visit, all the countries I want to explore and all the cultures I want to get to know. So many adventures, so little time!
scrapbook wanderlust
My favorite way to travel is to actually live and work in a place for a longer period of time and explore its nearer and further surroundings in my own time. This really makes me feel the vibe of the place where I am staying. And – while mingling with the people – also get to know a bit of its culture.
birthday album
This is how both Hetty and I explored France and also how we met: We each lived with a French family soaking up the savoir vivre, discovering near and far on field trips and our amazing road trip along Côte d’Azur
black white photos washi tape album
Also the people I met this way are especially dear to me. In a short time so many unforgettable memories are made, which just keeps me close to the people I shared them with wherever we are. I like to kid and say: “If I ever had to leave the country, there would be sooo many places to go to and people to stay with.” And it’s true! Isn’t that the best thing in the world?
wanderlust travel
Now Hetty made me the most precious thing: an album to soothe (or spark?) my wanderlust!

*wanderlust: a great desire to travel the world… Are you feeling it too? ~Anna~


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