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Coconut Rhubarb cupcakes with raw cane sugar (vegan)

by Anna
raw sugar coconut rhubarb muffins
I bought a packet of rhubarb. Partly because I just cannot get enough of this stuff and there never is enough in my parents garden and neither is the season long enough. And the other part of me just wanted to share my love for rhubarb on the blog. Little did I know that I would make three sweet recipes out of it. It’s like veggie of the month revisited only with fruit. So here is part one of a rhubarb mini-series.
rhubarb cupcakes
Coconut rhubarb cupcakes (makes 14 cupcakes)
30 g shredded coconut
150 g raw cane sugar
3 medium stalks rhubarb
1 pinch pepper
1 ts natron
2 ts baking powder
100 g vegan fat at room temperature (me: 35 g coconut oil + 65 g vegetable spread)
150 ml oat milk
250 g einkorn flour
1 tbs soy flour

optional: apple nectar and shredded coconut for topping

Wash the rubarb and cut it into small pieces. “Marinade” rhubarb pieces in the sugar and shredded coconut. Add a pinch of pepper – pink pepper would be awesome! – black works fine.
coconut rhubarb cupcake
Prepare the other ingredients my mixing them together. The more coconut oil you use, the more coconutty your muffins will be. Mix with a spatula or spoon in order to not squash the rhubarb. (I cheated and added these ingredients on top the rhubarb, worked well.)

Fill the cake cups with one spoonful of rhubarb dough and bake for 20-25 min at 160° C. Let cool down some and splash some apple nectar on top and sprinkle more shredded coconut.

These cupcakes are sort of Himalaya (origin of rhubarb) meets Caribbean. At least in my mind… If you like sweet meets pepper, take a look at my pink pepper cookies with pomegranate


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