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Dip-dye espadrilles – My ombré summer shoes

by Anna
blue ombre espadrilles
My favorite shoes are no shoes: I looove to walk barefoot. My second favorite shoes have to be espadrilles. I am a flat shoes kinda girl, I am tall enough already. My love for espadrilles started two years ago in France when there where espadrilles in Carrefour market right before our trip down south. I bought two pairs. One is still alive, the other one has been dearly loved. They are so comfy, obviously flat, double as house shoes and are fun on the beach as well. They can be diyed, can be DIYed (betcha I will make this soon) and they are available for evey budget. Right now I am debating getting a pair of these two tone multi leather espadrilles by Lika Mimika. Dream on, Anna!
dip dye shoes
A few weeks ago at the very first outdoor flea market of the year I got lucky. I found a pair of white espadrilles! They were a perfect fit and when I looked up to ask how much they were, the seller pointed at the dust marks and said she would give them to me. A present! At the flea market! At around noon when they had only been selling for an hour. Of course I did not decline.
dip dye diy shoes
I wore them around the house a lot, it wasn’t yet warm enough to go outside in espadrilles. Then the day arrived when I wanted to dip-dye several itmes in jeans blue- I love to look at the pictures of Hettys DIY napkins in their wonderful blue hues. Needless to say that white shoes don’t stay white when you dip-dye wearing them. So in they went as well.
diy ombre bast shoes
I worked with a dye that made a medium shade of blue when using 600-800g of fabric. I had already died one table cloth, one dress and two short curtains before the espadrilles took their turn. Meaning the dye would only stain slightly.
ombre shoes
supplies white espadrilles, blue fabric dye, water

When only dyeing a pair of shoes, use a small amount of dye and a proportional amount of water. If you are dyeing more pieces dip all of them in the colored water first, then dip in the shoes for a quick complete bath. They need to be fully covered by dye and then retrieved again. Then place them, toes to the ground, in the bucket or tub with dye. Let sit there for as long as you want. I received this effect with only two minutes in the dye.
dip-dye espadrilles
Machine wash on gentle for the shortest amount of time possible. With my washer this was 15 minutes. Do not spin much. Let dry on the clothes line. I have not tried tumble-drying these, I prefer to go gentle on them…

The bast sole has gotten blue, too, these ombre shoes really have the blues… And make me dream of a vacation on the beach, a city trip to a place with palm trees and sand dust and the light feeling of being carefree. Anyone wanna come along?

The pink pants are DIY, too! They are my stamped bubble pants…

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