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My succulent nursery

by Anna
mini succulent nursery
I have had a particular succulent since my teenage years. It has moved with me at least three times. It grew, it outgrew its planter, it thrived. All this even though I did not have a green thumb. My thumb slowly got greener and yet my plant started to dry out, did not shed their dry parts and looked unhappy (and unlucky?). When I recently read this post I decided to take the succulent carefully apart.
succulent in glasses
My succulent had a big bulk of roots. So even though I ended up with the itsy bitsiest succulent parts, most of them still had a root. I planted them in tea tins, jars, mini liqueur glasses and when I run out of planters I stuck the tiniest bits into an egg carton.
succulents in tins
Last year Hetty propagated her jade plant aka friendship tree (gotta love that name) and gave me one of the healthy young offsrping. He has tripled in size since then. It’s him there in the teddy tin.
friendship plant in a tin
With my plant I also plan on giving its babies away, they are hard to kill so they can travel and make good hostess gifts. Not that I am saying my friends most people would kill any plants…
macramee hanging planter succulent spider plant
I made tiny hanging macrame planters inspired by this tutorial on Vintage Revivals and repurposed some hanging (or bottle top) tealight holders as planters. They get so much more attention now and show off really well the pretty spider plants (I much prefer the German term Grünlilie) that Hettys parents gave me. Those are beginners plants and I must say: they are thriving!
hanging planters spider plants
The succulent I took apart was bought at Ikea. I have two other plants from them, both evergreens, both alive, both happy. What are your experiences with Ikea plants?

Artwork in the last picture by Emmanuelle Brett


4 thoughts on “My succulent nursery”

  1. Oh, I love succulents. I have a large jade plant (aka ‘money tree’ over here), which seems to have survived a considerable amount of neglect over the years. Enjoy your beautiful plants.

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