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Strawberry Advocaat/Egg Liqueur Bundt Cake

by Anna
grandmas egg liqueur cake
At the end of march Evelyne posted this sumptuous Tiramisu à la Belge on her blog Fashion, Food and Flirts. I was hooked: this would be our Easter dessert. A boozy dessert is always a win in my books and this one is a layered dream of Advocaat (I love how she calls it the kings eggnogg), speculoos and coffee. Not that I drink much coffee, but here it is divine. I made it dairy-free and replaced speculoos cookies (we poor Germans only get them around christmas) with speculoos spread.

It was then that I realized that I never posted my beloved advocaat cake on this little blog of mine! To make it more fancy I love to call it Grandma’s Egg Liqueur Cake, because I feel like egg liqueur is such an old peoples thing. You do realize that this is a compliment being the vintage lover that I am, right?
strawberry bundt cake
To celebrate this wonderful season of strawberries (and rhubarb! and asparagus!) I decided to add strawberries. I was going for the look of this apple caramel bundt cake that I have made and that is awesome. Guess what, it did not work with strawberries, so this goes right along with my galette des rois bake fail But if I had not told you, you would not have known. And as long as it is tasty we are not going to care. To cut this long story short, may I introduce to you… A spring version of Grandma’s Egg Liqueur cake!

Strawberry Egg Liqueur Cake

500g strawberries
5 eggs (when we’re not eating vegan, we’re going all the way…)
250 ml egg liqueur, advocaat, whatever you wanna call it
250 ml sunflower oil
125 g starch flour (be it corn or potato starch)
125 g flour
250 g powdered sugar
2 envelopes / sachets vanilla sugar
5 teaspoons baking powder (or 1 sachet)

Heat the oven to 180° Celsius and clean the stawberries. Cut them in small pieces.

Mix eggs, egg liqueur and oil. Sift in the dry ingredients to make this cake really fluffy. Gently fold in the strawberry pieces. I tell you, I placed the chopped strawberries directly in the bundt cake pan and when I poured the batter onto them they rose slowly. That’s why you can fold them into the dough directly.
strawberry advocaat cake
Pour the batter in a pretty bundt cake pan, or as Hetty likes it: a Gugelhupfform. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes at 180° Celsius. Enjoy eating the cake in your best vintage attire…


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