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Birch disk candlestick DIY

by Anna
rustic candle holders
I was the happiest girl in the world when my dad got a cut down birch tree to use as firewood. Birch trees are hardly ever taken down (in our area?) and I so love the look of the white bark. There was no question that I would incorporate them in a DIY and I instantly knew how. Candleholders they would become. Slices of birch as rustic prickets. Rustic and rough and yet somewhat elegant via thin long candles. A dream! A dream turned reality.
modewaerts table set up
Supplies birch logs (one thin, one medium), saw, drill, thin candles, regular candles
outdoor candle scene
The actual making of these candlesticks is very straight-forward. Get yourself someone to help. If that someone happens to own an electric saw, it’s a plus. Pick the pieces of birch that you want to use and with a saw cut them in disks. One person should hold the log on a device that holds it tightly, the other person cuts. My birch disks are about 3 to 4 centimeters (1 to 1 1/2 inches) thick.
three candles birch
Get the drill out and choose a drill bit that is a bit smaller than the diameter of your thin long candles. Decide on how you want the design to look. I particularly like the disk that is a little triangular. To compliment its form I chose to drill three holes for thin candles and on for a “regular” chandelier candle. Drill the holes about half an inch or one centimeter deep, think length of a trimmed fingernail. I eyeballed which worked fine.
birkenholz scheibe kerzenständer
To make holes for the normal candles, drill three holes close to another using the drill bit you used for the thin candle holes. Using a hammer and a thin gouge, empty the holes of the leftover wood. You will have to sort of cut the wood with gouge and hammer and then scrape it out. Be sure to work a roundish shape.
wood log candle holders
I love the rough surface of the birch disks, but I guess you could sand the surface if you really wanted to. Place the candles in the holes. Melting some wax and dripping it into the holes helps against wobbling. Light the candles and do not leave them unattendend. And that’s it: my first wood project. Pretty easy, huh? Enjoy!
birch single candle stick
By the way: I played forever with the photo set up, with a feeling like I was preparing a pretty little place for a date. Ha!


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