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Statement neckline top – easy to sew

by Anna
statement blouse top chemise diy sew
What do you say when I tell you I have a easy peasy to sew loose top for you! And you will construct the pattern by yourself, too! (This is the point where I as a reader suck in my breath through clenched teeth.) But relax! Take a deep breath because this top really is a breeze. The shape is basically a rectangle with some modifications. Anybody can draw a rectangle! With the help of a ruler and a measuring tape you will get there!

The pattern is for a loose German size 40, which would be a US 12. Since it’s oversize, it will fit bigger sizes as well as smaller ones. Feel free to adjust or simply use a jersey material if you feel unsure.
easy sew loose top
supplies light- to medium-weight cotton fabric, five different colors of (medium weight) felt, matching thread, ruler, measuring tape, tailor’s chalk or pencil, fabric scissors

Step 1 Fold the fabric with the face inside. Find the middle point of the half at the raw edge and mark it. Then measure 60 cm down from there and mark. This will be the middle of the blouse and hem line. From this point using a ruler draw a straight line parallel to the raw edge. It should be 58 cm long, so 29 cm on either side of the dot you marked.
diy statement blouse easy
Step 2 From the dot measure up 50 cm: this will be the lowest point of the front neckline. Measure up another 3 cm (or from the hem line 53 cm) for the back neckline. From the first marked point at the hem line measure 13,5 cm to either side, mark. Go up 57 cm from each dot and mark. These will be the start points for the shoulder seams.

Step 3 From the lowest point of the neckline (front) measure 35 cm to each side and mark. This point is the end of the shoulder seam and upper point of the armhole. Connect with the dot we found in step 2, start of shoulder seam.

Step 4 From either end of the hem line draw a line with ruler and pencil that ends at 30 cm from the bottom. This is the side seam that ends at the lower point of the armhole. The armhole should be 20 cm. So draw a straight line down from the point we marked first in step 3 making sure it is no shorter than 20 cm. This might shorten the 30 cm line, which is ok. Draw a little curve to connect side seam and armhole if you like. Or let them meet at and angle. Either way is ok since this will be loose fitting anyway.
statement collar top
Step 5 Time to draw the neckline. We have the lowest points marked so draw a curve from the beginning of the shoulder seam to the lowest point for the back neckline.

Step 6 When I started sewing I always liked to pin my pieces to keep them together. Do so if you like and cut both layers of fabric. Now we have to exact pieces. To distinguish front and back take the upper piece where there is the dot remaining for the lower neckline. Fold the fabric in half on the imaginary middle that we created in step one. You should still have that first dot there to help you. At the neckline draw a curve from the shoulder seam starting point to the lowest point of the front neckline. Cut it while folded.

Step 7 Place front and back of fabric with the right side inside and pin shoulder and side seams. Stitch with a seam allowance of 1/2 cm (1/4 inch). In case you are unsure: A slightly bigger seam allowance won’t give you a much smaller top. Try it on after you finished those seams. You can easily make it smaller at this point by using a bigger seam allowance and cropping the leftover fabric. Press open the seams.

Step 8 Hem. I just used the hemming foot of my sewing machine which makes the tiniest, cutest hem. You could also fold in (a tiny bit and doubled), press and stitch. Either way works. There you have a loose blouse!
felt applications diy top
Step 9 Using bottle caps and small glasses draw cicles in different sizes on felt. I have five colors of felt and four sizes of lopsided circles… I cut about 30 circles and ended up using 26 of them. Arrange the circles on the front of the top. Either with spaces in between them or with circles touching, however you like. Take your time. I let mine sit overnight, rearranged in the morning, made some circles smaller and adapted it another time after work until I was happy.

Step 10 Pin the felt circles. Chose a thread that matches the overall appearance of the blouse but contrasts some of the felt circles. Start to stitch at the neckline. Make sure to only stitch on side of the fabric!!! You still want to be able to wear your garment… Secure at the top and sew a straight line down so all circles in one strand will be fixed to the fabric. I thought it was fun to end some seams in the middle of the last circle and have some go further down. Fix all strands of felt circles. There it is your statement top!

Comment or e-mail me with questions and see my page for infos!

Can you tell I am still getting used to taking my own picture with the camera timer? Also autofocus is kaputt… ~Anna~

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