Balcony, en route, Garden

My summer must do list

by Anna
allee Kopie
Summer’s here! There is no way to deny that my favorite time of year has finally arrived, we had temperatures hit the magic (to me) 30° mark (not yet 90F), there were damaging yet beautiful to look at thunderstorms and booths with local strawberries have poped up by grocery stores and next to strawberry fields in the middle of nowhere.

Among the countless things to look forward to in summer, I will just highlight those that I absolutely want to do during this season of warmth and outdoor activities. Some I have already enjoyed…

spend an afternoon at the public pools

picnics, BBQs and try grilling cantaloupe melon with seasoned salt

open air movies

pick strawberries in a field

wear handmade sun dresses like the one above that Hetty made

after work swimming

enjoy sidewalk cafés

sell and shop at fleamarkets

visit my friends’ new house and go to nearby the beach

make caramelized tomatoes and aubergine appetizers

go swimming in a lake

enjoy family time in my parents’ garden

walk barefoot

make dairy-free icecream

hang out outdoors (in a handmade loose top above)

enjoy the sun

read a book in the shade

watch the sunset

sit on the patio at night looking at the stars

drink cucumber vodka-de and other summer goodies

Simple pleasures, simply summer! What’s your favorite summer pastime?


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