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You’ve got a thing on your head

by Anna
diy fascinator

This is a post about happy and incredibly sad.

I took these photos the night before my grandma passed away. Somehow I knew it would happen the next day and still I wanted to take these pictures. I am dedicating this post to Oma “Hilde, die Wilde”, who would have never been seen in public with her hair not properly groomed. Oma, who was quiet around other people but loved to discuss (and argue about) politics in the family. Oma who always told me “Alt und grau kannst du werden, aber nicht frech!” (“You are allowed to grow old and grey, but don’t get naugty!”)

You will always be my rolemodel when it comes to cooking and baking, Oma loved to care for her family and spoiled us rotten with her Plinsen, Spinach-Pea-Casserole and veggie-millet-dish, her beloved mocha-cream-gateau and the orange-cream-gateau. You will remain in my heart forever, Oma, and you’ll always be at my side in the kitchen.
paper fascinator
During the winter I made a vintage pattern dress (not yet posted here) that practially screamed to be worn at a wedding. I asked a couple of friends if they did not want to get married in order for me to wear the dress. Surprisingly – not really – nobody wanted to get married just so I could wear the dress.

Now I have a similar case: I made this fascinator, loosely altered from this tutorial, and now I need a nice British wedding – or any other nationality where guests are asked to wear hats to nuptials. If I did go to a German wedding wearing something on my head I would steal the brides show – unless I somehow got into aristocratic circles.

In any case I would never want to steal the bride her limelight. I remember how awkward I felt when I was advised/allowed to wear my prom dress to my uncles wedding and it was equally as eye-catching than my new aunts wedding dress. I tried to stay put in my seat all evening so nobody would notice me. That was the moment when I stopped taking advice in dressing. Oh well.
handmade headpiece fascinator diy
You wil find instructions for this headpiece over here on Polka Dot Chair

I changed the supplies some, here is what I used: a hairband, 4 sheets of tissue paper, a piece of thin satin ribbon, a meter of green lace ribbon

Here on Nesting in the Bluegrass is the tutorial to make the paper flower – sooo easy! Then I basically folded my lace ribbon to the size I liked and and tied everything together. That means I tied the ribbon around the middle part of the flower, tucket the folded lace ribbon underneath and tied it all to the headband. No glue needed.

Now, can somebody please get married so I can wear both the dress and this headpiece? Thanks!

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