4 ingredient creamy cheese sauce sans lactose

by Anna
four ingredient pasta sauce
I am pretty traditional when it comes to pasta sauce: All I need are tomatoes, onion and some herbs. Makes me happy every time. A couple of weeks ago when my fridge did not provide any fresh ingredients anymore, and there were no canned tomatoes either, I rocked what I got. And it was awesome. All I had was one 250 ml pack oat cream, three slices of lactose-free herb cheese, and lots of basil. Pepper is usually always on my cupboard. But just so you know, you’ll need lots of black pepper, too.
basil pepper lactose-free cheese sauce
Creamy cheese sauce
250 ml oat cream
3-5 slices herb cheese (lactose-free) I use Le coq de France by Aldi
two handful of basil
lots of ground black pepper

pasta or gnocchi

Heat the oat cream gently. Tear apart the cheese and add it. Pepper. Let it simmer for a while and stir to prevent it from sticking to the pot.

Cook the noodles or add pre-cooked gnocchi to the mix. Add more pepper. Let simmer.

Pepper some more. Seriously. Taste. Might need even more pepper. Add the basil leaves. Yum.
creamy cheese sauce
It’s kind of funny that the sauce, the thing I am talking about in this post, hardly shows in the pictures. Yet it’s there, I promise! Also, while it looks pretty in the photos, better serve this with another kind of lettuce than rocket. It takes away from the cheese and pepper taste. And speaking from experience: The sauce is even better served with gnocchi… Enjoy!


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