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Stock taking

by Anna
I loved the concept of this kind of post when I first saw it here and felt inspired to do my own stock taking post when I read this awesome blog post idea round-up on sunday morning. I will stay within my blog’s themes – DIY, handmade fashion and home made food – will still giving you a little bit of insight in my life/mind/heart.
sewing button holes on yet another dress
mending a rainbow colored dress for my sweet little cousin
ripping apart my favorite bag to remake it
knitting still this sweater (been on a long hiatus)
drafting the perfect handbag (I am all about bags right now)

crafting (non-fashion related) nothing (!)
gathering supplies to make a paint box purse
preparing to soon make my own espadrilles, there is a design contest on Burda!
painting dots on leggins using Q-Tips could have used Hettys Oropax method as well
loving the idea of making a macrame waistcoat

cooking basic and with lots of rocket salad
baking savory scones with fresh herbs Gourmet Guerillas way
baking sweet honey thyme tarte as inspired by this
mixing a dairy-free version of “Solero”
eating too many cookies
drinking Rotling wine by Eckes Wallhausen and “Caipi Espanol” à la Moccaklatsch and lots of Chai tea

writing a presentation on the phenomenon of FLOW on the typewriter I just bought so cheap – just kidding
reading a lot of books again lately, currently Der Glückbringer found at the library booksale
listening to George Ezra (and to the rain – isn’t it supposed to be summer?)
planning a move
going on a trip to the Baltic Sea for three days tomorrow and to the Netherlands for a weekend in July
Here at Meet my at Mikes is a list by Pip with prompts for taking stock posts – so much fun!


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