I want to remember: My kitchen

by Anna
wooden kitchen counter
I had to have a wooden counter top. I considered sealing it at one point but is too darn pretty all natural… Also: recently thrifted tins and my Cookin’ Cowgirl oven mitt, a gift from Mimi about ten years ago
I have never shared more of my apartment than the gallery wall above my sewing machine in the hallway. Now that I am going to move, I realized that it will never be finished, neat enough (nor tidy enough), neither perfectly lit nor super well decorated to be photographed. I am not a neat freak and my ideas of how I want things to look change so quickly that I decided now is the time to capture my kitchen in pictures in the state it is right now. This is my kitchen today, August, 1st 2014. This is how I want to remember it.

And then there are thousands of food photos from the past 21 months plus all those memories of happy times spent here that are etched in my heart…
lavendar kitchen faucet
I love that faucet. I hunted high and low for this one and I am glad I did! I will sell the kitchen but this faucet will stay with me.
2014 is the year of change for me. Today I started my new job. Next up is the move out of this – my – place. When I look back at the past months there was something new happening almost every month. While there certainly is one more thing I would like to experience this year, I can hardly wait for life to slow down a bit and settle in a new routine. A general life routine is good to be creative. The best ideas are born from boredom – or from necessity.
lavendar kitchen table
This table came with my parents house that was built in 1928. It’s an old childrens desk and judging my its style and craftmanship I guess it dates back to the early years of the house. Since its too low for me to eat at, there is an Ikea table base underneath. A floating table…
lavender kitchen cabinet
Is the color I painted the cabinets with lavender or lilac? It doesn’t really matter. All I care about it how well it looks with the gold (nail) polished knobs… And the note how much burgundy lace ribbon to buy for Hetty.
kitchen window sill
I was spoilt with natural light in this apartment. Even in the kitchen! And there totally is one of the rare photos of Hetty and me togehter.

Happy weekend!

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