Strawberry-Goat cheese-Salad

by Anna
strawberry cheese salad fraises fromage salade
Man, those last strawberries are so deep red, bursting flavour and oozing juice. They are just perfect! When my mum got out the hand-me-down recipe for strawberry salad that my grandma already used to make I got excited to change it up a bit. A bit. Because A: there are only a handful ingredients, B: only to omit dairy cream and C: it is perfection as is. If I may say so myself.

I had bought a basket of two kilos (yes, as in 2000g) of those delicious strawberries. I actually drive a bit to get the best ones – I am a bit of a strawberry snob – and I bought the ones that were picked the day before (talking ’bout snob?) because they get squished in a salad anyway. And they were the deeper red. You don’t need that many straberries. Unless you want to feed a crowd. Or eat the salad, like me, four days in a row…
erdbeer käse salat
Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad
500g strawberries
250g piece goat cheese (the original recipe says gouda, so that works, too)
green lettuce

oat cream (or any cream)
lemon juice
lots of pepper

Clean the starberries and divide in halves or quarters or leave them whole depending on their size. Remove the rind of the goat cheese (if necessary) and cube. Wash and dry the lettuce and chop it. Let these ingredients mingle in a bowl.

Mix about 100ml of cream with lemon juice to taste and some salt and a lot of pepper. Serve the salad either with seasoning on top or toss the fruit and vegetables in the dressing before serving.

I like to serve the cream-lemon-seasoned sauce extra to keep the salad fresh in case I need to store it. Also, people can help themselves to the amount of seasoning they like. That’s it. Happy weekend!


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