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Melon infused: Home made melon liqueur

by Anna
dreierlei melonen aufgesetzter
When I made that salad with five kinds of melons I had plenty of melon leftovers. And I had them on purpose. Ever since Hetty send me the link to this delish rhubarb liqueur recipe, we have been experimenting with fruit and vodka infusions.
homemade melon liqueur
For years my Dad has been infusing blackcurrant in korn schnapps with a vanilla pod and rock sugar. The most appreciated hostess gift from my experience… While blackcurrant is tart, it works wonderfully with vanilla and its own weight added in sugar. Melon is more or less sweet itself, we won’t need as much sugar here.
melon infused drink
In the meantime cut up some melon: I used a quarter of water melon, a quarter of honeydew melon and also a quarter of sugar melon (Galia). I peeled them and chopped them in pieces that would fit in the bottle that I would let it sit in. I added half of the weight of the melons in brown rock sugar and added a bottle (75cl) of korn schnapps. This schnapps makes the smoothes liqueur. Vodka or gin work too, yet, they have different and for the gin very distinctive taste.
melonen likör
Let this mixture sit in a closed bottle in a warm and sunlit spot for six weeks. Strain and enjoy. I find that the liqueur mildly chilled, like straight from a cold basement, tastes best.

Put into a pretty vintage bottle and gift to your favorite people! Happy weekend!


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