Plum streusel cake with spelt flower

by Anna
streusel cake crumble
Hi there, fall! You are only following my very favorite season, but since there is christmas at the end of fall, we get along, too, don’t we? And then there are new apples, there is indian summer and these reasons to look forward to autumn.

Plums are part of the fall fun as well and while I am not ready yet to part with summer, I still bought a batch of the first plums. Plums and streusel sounded good to me. Only have I to confess that I feel a little ashamed, being a baker since around the age of 10, that I made my first streusel cake about a month ago. And now I am into the business of streusel making! I relied on my mums trusted recipe collection for inspiration. What I found was an easy, quick recipe for streusel that I adapted slightly. This can be ready to go into the oven in under ten minutes and that’s always a good argument, right?
plums pflaumen streuselkuchen
In my version I swapped plain flour for spelt flour and white sugar for raw cane sugar and with this the amount of vanilla and cinnamon went up. As I said last week I made this with redcurrant and plums already. Today I show you plum streusel made in a quiche dish. Redcurrant was made in a regular springform, so I used less berries there.
slice of streuselkuchen
Plum streusel cake
500g spelt flour
200g raw cane sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
5 level teaspoons baking powder

500g plums

2 medium eggs
250g butter at room temperature

Mix the dry ingredients. Add the eggs and cube the butter and knead with the hand mixer shortly. Eveything should be blended together but not overly kneaded.

Put 2/3 of the dough into a cake tin. Wash and pit the plums and cut them in quarters lengthwise. Cover the batter with plums and lay them out evenly. The art of baking, no? (You might not need all the plums.)

With your hands crumble the remaining dough onto the plums. Bake at 200°C for an hour if using a shallow dish like my quiche tin. In a spring form this might take longer to bake through. With the smaller redcurrant the cake took and hour as well in the spring form. And I admit the plum streusel only looks so tanned because I thought it was supposed to bake longer, ooops.
plums streusel cake
Anyway, hello fall, hello plums and hello weekend!

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