Late summer pizza: Plums and green beans

by Anna
plum green bean pizza
Have you noticed all the figs at the grocery stores and on the farmers markets? They look so delicious and tempting, I can hardly resist buying some everytime I come across them. Only thing is: I prefer them cooked. Is that strange? Well, this made me think of Hettys fig pizza from last year and a way of alternating it. When I spotted green beans as a special offer at the farmers market last saturday I decided it would be fig and green beans. Except that I then discovered three poor little plums in my fridge. They were very ripe and needed to be eaten asap. So here it is: green beans and plums on pizza.
late summer pizza plum green beans
Plum & green bean pizza
Make the dough with spelt flour, 3 teaspoons olive oil and use 100 ml warm water.

For the topping
3 ripe plums
10 to 15 green beans
parmesan cheese
Heinz Culinair Ketchup Roasted Garlic, Thyme and Honey OR tomato ketchup, thyme, garlic and honey

Blanche the green beans and cook them a couple of minutes on low heat. Make the dough and roll it out flat on a sheet of parchment paper or a baking mat.

Spread three tablespoons of ketchup on the pizza base. Add minced garlic, drizzle on a little honey and sprinkle some thyme if using.

Wash and pit the plums and cut them in wedges. Spread them on the pizza base. Retrieve the green beans and chop them in bite size pieces. Add them to the pizza. Rougly grate parmesan cheese on top.
green beans and plum pizza topping
Bake the pizza at 200° for 10 to 15 minutes. What I especially liked about this pizza was the combination of somewhat sour and mushy (think plum butter) plums, the still a little crunchy green beans and how the spices in the ketchup tied everything together. Yum!

I don’t have to mention that I ate the whole thing myself, do I?

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