en route

September in a wrap

by Anna

September passed by in a blur. And I feel so happy it did. Here is what happened:

Looking forward to fall
Looking forward to fall

September 4: found out that I had to be moved out by the 20th of September.
September 6: read an ad in the paper for an apartment that sounded perfect for me. Just a little smaller than the current, on the top floor and with a balcony with a view over the whole city and beyond. Available when I needed it to be. Called and felt immediately connected with the owner.
Painted the turquoise wall in my living room back to white. Started packing boxes.
hanging planters spider plants
September 7: Sold my dresser and two Billy shelf systems for a bottle of Zinfandel.
September 8: Found out that I could see the apartment on saturday.
September 12: Hosted a big late summer party at work. Expected 70 people to turn up.
September 13: Visited the apartment. Fell in love with it head over heels. Called the owner fifteen minutes after leaving the place to tell them I want to take it. They agreed. Praise the Lord.
Sept 14: Packed more boxes.
One pillow a week
One pillow a week

Sept 15: Decided to put my kitchen on ebay Kleinanzeigen and sold it within 24 hours.
Sept 16: Sold the old unpretty sofa and had it moved out.
Sept 18: Took down lamps and the faucet with Dads help.
Sept 19: The kitchen was taken down and moved into its new home in a shared student flat. Bye Bye love. Finished packing boxes, took apart my bed and moved my matress to my parents. Camped in my brothers old room, Yay! Went to sign the lease on the new apartment.
Sept 20: With the help of seven hard-working friends and family members we moved the remaining furniture – not a lot anymore – and a whole lotta boxes into the basement at the new place. Cleaned the old place and handed in my keys.
Pumpkin decoration
Pumpkin decoration
Sept 22: Found out that one of the best friends in the world expects a baby!
Sept 24: Started a Sh’bam class. Back home fell onto matress camp laughing myself to sleep.
Sept 26: Open Doors at work, sore face from smiling.
Sept 27: Got keys for the new place. Moving in!
Sept 30: Plans: Day off! Will be reconnected to the internet!

Feeling Incredible thankful all this went so smooth!

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