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Apartment Progress

by Anna
Well, hello, it’s been a while! Above you can see my to do list and some ideas for the apartment. There has been some remarkable progress already, if I say so myself, that’s why you haven’t heard from me. White walls instead of vanilla walls are a good excuse to take a blogging hiatus, right? Only that I did not paint them myself, but I better keep that tidbit a secret…

So, I have been making decisions, searching high and low for storage ideas, been painting an old changing table and just getting settled in the new place.

Projects from my list that I already tackled
Giant clementine canvas for the kitchen
String Lights on the balcony
Dresser aka changing table makeover with chalkboard paint
Furniture and a key holder in the hallway
Entire apartment painted white
Herbs and fall plants on the balcony

Work in progress
Instead of stamping in the living room I started writing on the wall behind my couch – it’s cheesy lyrics, you know me, that mean a lot to me – but I am neither completely happy with my handwriting not with the color. The teal looks too green and the writing feels like I am copying a first grade schoolbook on how to write pretty. Gotta put more of my personality in.

I have been looking all over the internet for storage ideas. I don’t want a regular closet, I want to see my clothes. So doors are not an option. I was going for a wall-mounted rail going from one wall to the other. Turns out my wall is too long for standard rails or curtain rods. The longest I found were 2,50m and the wall is almost three meters. Piecing together seemed like an option.
Yet, the thing is I cannot have it hanging from the ceiling because I have overhead heating. Apparently such a thing exists. This also means I cannot put lamps just anywhere, only an electrician is allowed to change the places of the lamps.

Next ideas for the wardrobe: Mount the rail/rod to the wall behind it. There are systems that allow this, but I am not a fan. My dad suggested putting supporting tubes up from the floor which would also hide the place of piecing together pipes for the desired lenght. In my books this is not minimal enough. I don’t want stuff on the floor (or should I say I did not want?). Also I want that chalkboard dresser in the middle of the wall underneath the clothing rail.
Then I found and fell for this shop looking idea from COUCH magazine that would easily be customizable and a fun diy. Dad said it would not hold much weight – and I don’t want my wardrobe crash down in the middle of the night and attempt to murder me in my slumber. Another no it was. Now I am going back to my VERY first idea and just put to clothing rails on either site of the dresser and see how that goes. I have one bought and the other one will be dDIY, yay! I am still entertaining the idea of one or two shelves as seen in the shop style idea for shoes and hats. But clothes first! (That’s because I already have a little show rack in the hallway.) Also this whole minimal wardrobe thing will only work because I am right now living with a capsule wardrobe of 37 pieces. There will be more underbed storage for clothing not in use.

Living room storage. That’s another though call. I need something like a sideboard or vertico or buffet type dresser. I need doors here desperately but I don’t want the piece of furniture to be tall. I love this piece but it might not hold as much as I need it to hold, think dish towels, table cloths, vases, and the like. Though certainly totally worth the asking price I am not ready to splurge. I would love for my storage piece to be vintage but maybe i will just hack an ikea thing? This is a big construction site in my head right now.

Also for progress I made the hanging rope shelves recently shown on A Beautiful Mess they only need to be hung. Once that’s done I will also share how I turned an inconveniently located ac thing appear to be a totally purposed art display shelf, ha.

What still needs to be done
Change ceiling lights, sure they must stay in the locations of the old lamps but having my collection of lamps will make it so muc more homey here.
Hang curtain rods in my room and in the living room.
Make fabric garlands.
Stamp a wall in the bedroom: I have the color and made the stamp but was discouraged by the writing on the living room wall. Oh well. The spirit will come back.
Mount apron holders.

What do you do first thing when you move into a new place? What’s the most important feature to make it feel like home? How many times have you moved?


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