Vegan recipe round-up

In honor of todays world vegan day, here are modewaerts favorite vegan food ideas!
vegan potato aubergine tofu moussaka
Love aubergine/eggplant and tomatoes? We too! Try making vegan moussaka
Leek Pizza vegan
Every season is leek season, so make leek pizza today!
vegan white chocolate glaze
Show some love with vegan petit four hearts
Vegan Cashew Cream
Vegan cashew cream – need we say more?
Vegan Panna Cotta with Almonds and Tangerines
This almost sounds to good to be true! Hetty made vegan panna cotta with tangerine and passionfruit sauce
All Veggie Vegan Pizza
It’s way easy to make pizza vegan, let yourself be inspired by our all veggie pizza
vegan quiche kichererbsen spinat
Quiche and veggie tarts are as easy to make as pizza – and just as good! How about our spinach and chick pea vegetable tart ?
vegan chocolate mousse
We received so much positive feedback about this vegan chocolate mousse , be sure to give thanks to the girl who thought of this (not us!)!
vegan rhubarb chocolate muesli granola
Anna starts her days with homemade mueslis – rhubarb cocoa muesli is a bit on the sourish side.
caramelized walnut carrot cake
Who says we can only have vegan caramelized walnut carrot cake for Easter? Certainly not us!
crunchy oat scones
Oh, oat scones! We could eat you all day every day!
winter minestrone
Fall is comfort food season, branch out with a lentil and algae minestrone!
kale chanterelle paprika pizza
One of the more unusual pizzas we had on here: kale pizza!
Lemon Coconut Guglhupf
We are suckers for lemon! If you are too make lemon coconut bundt cake , will you?
Apple Almond Muffins with glaze
Y’all went crazy over Hettys vegan apple muffins – we can totally see why!
pear things
Hettys precious pear thingees – the name says it all, doesn’t it?
tofu celery salad
For years Anna underestimated celery, that’s a mistake that won’t happen no more after having made tofu capers celery salad!
apple tahini pizza
We loved our pizza battle – here are two versions of vegan apple pizza
Christmas Scones Orange Pomegranate
Orange pomegranate scones will be delicious for any festive occasion
fall winter muffins
November marks the start of speculoos season in our books, time to make some crunchy pear speculoos cupcakes
marzipan muffins
Need a boost of caffeine in eatable form? Glazed marzipan coffee muffins might be your thing!


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