Waiting for christmas: 16 christmas crafts

by Anna

“It’s that time of the year when the world falls in love…” – can you tell I have already been listening to christmas music? To me advent, the weeks leading to christmas, really are the most wonderful time of the year. It’s magic. There are so many fun and festive things that I want to squeeze in from now on until the new year and crafts are one of them, christmas markets another one. If you feel giddy for christmas like me, why not start crafting now?
braided fabric christmas tree outline
Fabric and paint are my favorite materials, what are yours? I gifted this braided fabric christmas tree last year and now I am very tempted to make another one, wanna join me?
Salt Dough Ornaments
Love handmade ornaments? Get a head-start with Hetty and make these super simple salt dough ornaments with cookie cutters. I bet you have all the ingredients at home already.
kraftpaper giftbag
Some folks have already bought gifts, right? (I have.) If I were the super organized German that stereotypes tell my I am, I would have them (ok, it – just one) wrapped already. Handmade gift bags are a great option.
Very simple christmas lanterns
Candles are a huge part of autumn and they carry us well all the way through winter. Every year I tear up when I see the lit candles on the christmas tree for the first time on christmas eve. Make these festive votives with Hetty.
cork tree
You like wine and collect the corks? Perfect! When you also need another cute christmas tree in your life, here is your project: a christmas tree from wine corks – happy making!
Advent Wreath Orange Pine Cone
Advent wreaths make the countdown easier as advent calenders do. By the way, I am still gathering supplies to make mine. It will be a recycling/natural materials wreath. In a box.
saltdough houses
You’re looking for a crafty project that you can keep all winter on display? Make saltdough house lanterns – I still enjoy them tremendously. Please, only put electric tealights in the tiny houses.
Sparkly Glittery Christmas Tree
We love to have plants around the house, and we like little crafted fake trees, too. Hetty explains how she made the
sparkly glitter tree here – hop on over.
Door wrapped in christmas paper
I am a child at heart and refuse to grow up. So I still like to decorate one door in my place with christmas wrapping paper and disguise in this way one room as a giant christmas present with a bow. “Step into christmas…”
Pine Cone with golden bow
Pine cones, gold and bows make for a festive, natural and simple garland. Combine your search for pine cones with a walk in the woods to not only get in a crafty but also a holiday spirit.
Time goes by
Waiting for snow? Stamp with little fir twigs on just about any material containing natural fibers to make this snowflake print – or do you feel they are little clocks?
Advent calender from cardboard rolls
There is still time left to make an advent calender, Hetty shows you a sweet and simple one for the guy in your life. You only need to ask friends and family to collect tp roll for you and think of stuffers.
wintry vases
When there is neither snow nor ice and cold outside, you can easily offer winter a home in your house by making these wintry vases with ice and snow spray.
free printable lanterns
I enjoyed making lanterns from tin cans and a free Star stencil to download and print. These lanterns are inexpensive, quick to make and really pretty to look at. They also make a sweet little gift.
ice lantern
Is it cold where you are? Make an ice lantern and set it on the patio. Even if you live in milder climates this could last a couple of hours and would make a perfect greeting at your door for a holiday party.
annas christmas tree
I feel like I can speak for Hetty as well, when I say we honestly loved our alternative christmas trees last year. Mine will go up into the window this christmas season, so the neighbors can enjoy it, too!

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