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Advent “wreath” in a box (Adventskranz in Obstkiste)

by Anna

To think outside the box? Can mean to put your advent wreath inside a box. This year my advent wreath is made from a fruit box, four small bottles a tiny poinsettia, as well as ivy, twigs and rose hip collected in the neighbourhood. Talk about recycling and being thrifty. The best thing about it: You can totally still make one in time for the first Advent sunday with only a trip to the grocery store (or your recycling bin) and a walk in the woods.

I have had the bottles quite a while already planning to use them as vases. Because I do not have enough vases. Kidding. Then I found a small empty crate in the street and decided it needed to go home with me. I am all for boxes, containers, purses and everything that will hold stuff. As if i had not enough stuff but that is another story. When I stumbled upon mini poinsettia and short candles it was decided: the Advent wreath would be an Advent box this year.

I went for a sunday walk equipped with a modewaerts bag and scissors. People must have thought me weird. I like weird. I somewhere once read that all greenery and shrubs that grow over your fence and hence outside your property on common ground may be trimmed – and I am not sure it is true – I die so. In an alley I cut ivy, on the side of he road fir and rose hip. I think it was well worth turning “criminal” for this project…

Supplies wooden crate, four bottles, four candles, a tiny poinsettia, shrubs/greenery, small jar (to hold the flower), decoration if desired

Peel off any labels on the crate and brush it clean. Place the bottles in the corners. Arrange the twigs. I had at least two of each kind and distributed them evenly across from each other for a balanced look.

Place the poinsettia in the jar and put it on top of e twigs in the center of the crate. Push down gently and make sure it site more or less level on top of the greenery.

Distribute the candles to the bottles, I needed to point them a little with a knife. You may want to fill in gaps between the bottles with tiny twigs for a fuller look. I liked to decorate mine with only a pinecone added.

Happy first of Advent tomorrow! ~Anna~


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