Waiting for christmas: 12 cake and cookie recipes

by Anna
Christmas stollen
What better way to start the christmas baking than with a traditional stollen? This poppy seed stollen is a family favorite and a recipe that has been handed down from my grand-ma.
gingerbread from scratch
Another christmas classic one can simpy not pass up on: Homemade gingerbread and the zillion ways to decorate it! Makes a cute gift tag, too!
Hettys shortbread two ways
Hetty made a simple shortbread recipe her own by adding cranberries and pistachio or orange and amaretto. Cannot decide which Christmas shortbread I would like to try asap, you?
Orange Pomegranate Scones
Pomegranate seeds resemble little diamonds, no? So these Orange-Pomegranate-Scones will grade up your christmas brunch a lot!
buche de noel
Have you ever made a yule log cake? I felt intimidated by the idea yet loved it so much that I went ahead and made it with the help of a sweet friend, it is so worth it! And nothing to be afraid of…
Spekulatius Pralinen
Speculoos is THE taste of christmas for me – even though I could have it all year round. Make some speculoos pralines to give to some very special people this christmas.
Muffins Rose Wine
Cranberry’s great every day – paired with rose wine it makes a festive treat. Try making Hettys aromatic Rose Wine Muffins with cranberries for christmas breakfast.
pink pepper cookies
I fell in love with Pink Pepper Shortcrust Cookies last december and I haven’t fallen out of love since. They are still on my agenda to make this year. Why has the day 24 hours only?!?
This one has already been made and eaten up completely: Ottilienkuchen. Almonds, chocolate and some rhum – doesn’t take much to make me happy at christmas – and Ottilie’s cake has is all.
Linzer Plätzchen
We haven’t shown many cookies in this round-up yet? These Linzer Plätzchen (cookies from Linz) with a heart of jam will change that. Hetty made them with plum sauce from her parents garden – the plums, that is.
Red Wine Christmas cake I love you so much, I made the recipe, which yield two cakes, and send one off to my former host family in France. Hope it arrived there safely and still edible.
Bethmaennchen Coconut Christmas
Marzipan. Another ingredient that says Christmas out loud. Bethmännchen (moist marzipan cookies) are a favorite both at Hettys and my house growing up. Hetty made them vegan and with coconut.

What are you baking these days? I made sugar-coated almonds in the microwave the other weekend – and was impressed! Way better than at the christmas market! Happy second of Advent! ~Anna~


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