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Waiting for christmas: Last minute gifts

by Anna
turnbeutel drawstring bag
Four days left until christmas? Today I want to show you some handmade gifts you can still whip up before the holy night! A drawstring bag serves travelling gals and guys as a camera bag, beach tote or laundry bag.
paper fascinator
Make your bestie a fascinator for New Year’s Eve, her birthday or as a headpiece for all of her bridesmaids. She’ll love you forever!
statement blouse top chemise diy sew
Giving clothing can be rad or bad. Unless it’s handmade. Then it’s always rad. A top like my statement neckline top is great for the lady who thinks outside the box. This is easily customizable: buy the shirt, sew the statement (by hand).
three candles birch
If winter isn’t for candles I don’t know which season is. For a rustic and natural decor make some
birch disk candlesticks for a nature lover in your life.
pescatarian dip tapenade
For the culinary friend a delectable gift will bring you ooohs and ahhhs. Try tapenade a French dip with olives, sardelles and capers. And little else. Très francais!
blue ombre espadrilles
Summer will be back I am sure. Prepare your mama with dip-diyed summer shoes like these ombre espadrilles I customized.
black white photos washi tape album
Your travel buddy will love it if you share your roadtrip memories with them in a very personal
wanderlust scrapbook like Hetty made for me!
floral heart box
Give a heart full of flowers! Who does not appreciate a little pop of colour during the winter months? Neighbours, teachers, or the mailman might blush with joy at this little silk flower heart
song lyrics art plate
This one’s for the spouse or the person you always wanted to tell how you feel! Say it with a plate, your prettiest handwriting and some meaningful lyrics like I did here and here
do it yourself cake stand
There is a blogging baker or a baking blogger on your gift list? Make them a cake stand from vintage plates, saucers and cups. Adorable!
doily cover shade floor lamp
Ok, here you will need to give a present certificate BUT it will be totally worth it! Promise a very special someone to make them a doily lampshade and really do make it of course!
creme peche petit four
Baking with booze is not only a favorite thing of mine, it also makes a perfect present. I loved making these dark chocolat petit fours as well as the vegan hearts

Pretty in knits
Pretty in knits

Wether your a quick knitter or just starting I made several hats of different difficulty levels last winter. Hat make great gifts for just about any family member, see last winters hat here and Hettys matching knits here
feather studs earrings tape
Someone got their ears pierced recently? Fake feather earrings from washi tape are easy to make and fun to wear.
motivation calender
Your boyfriend abroad cannot wait to finish his job and come back home to you? Make him a countdown calender with precious memories and photos of you two. Works for friends as well…
felt trivet filz untersetzer
Wooly felt and smooth pebbles a great sensory contrast and a cool gift wether the person loves cool industrial chic or rustic nature. Are you giving this trivet to a cook, a minimalist or both of them?
tissue box makeover
This is one of the diy projects I made that I use most, the sequin tissue box will be appreciated by girly girls and women…
diy necklace
Hetty is rocking her knotted necklace that I gave her – who will be rocking the one you will make?
DIY Pouf Giant Floor Pillow
I like to sit on the floor – and I know I am not the only one who likes to stay “grounded”. A handmade pouf makes a great gift, wether it’s to sit on it, use it as a side table or to put up your feet on it.
pillow case paris
Oh, pillow cases, can anyone ever have enough of you lot? Make your significant other a quote pillow your grandparents felt foliage pillows and any geometrical patterns obsessed person a honeycomb pillow and the cat lover get this name pillow for the pet.
embroidered map
There is another road-tripping friend? They will cherish reliving the route via this hand-stitched map and keep photos on display on the fabric-wrapped pinboards!

Only three days until Christmas Eve! Happy (and quick!) crafting!


2 thoughts on “Waiting for christmas: Last minute gifts”

  1. I really like your blog! These are all GREAT ideas, thank you so much for sharing them (I love the feather earings!!)– I really was in despereate need of last-minute gifts!! 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

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