Cranberry truffles with pink Pepper and coarse Salt

by Anna

We have established quite a while ago that we love peanutbutter cups. We showed you the french version of them: Salted caramel cups and today I am here to share a true Anna version. I know I am boring as hell when I say I wanted to make truffles – I was actually inspired by Aurelies Baylies truffles – but I had nothing in my cupboards. And by nothing I mean no creamy liquors. What I did have was speculoos spread and Ti Maria coffee liqueur so this was the first batch I made. What I did have was lots of dark chocolate in the cupboard…

Feeling pleased with the Christmasy speculoos coffee liqueur truffles but finding them not very inventive I laid eyes on my beloved pink pepper. And magic happened. Thinking of pepper salt is not far, and coarse sea salt also looks so darn cute – and gourmande…. To make these festive (they were going to be a christmas present) I added cranberries. And in order for them to have a soft heart – after all they are pralinés and not rocks – i melted a Kinder chocolate Santa. Taste testing is a must with culinary gifts (and I don’t mean to brag) but I had a hard time not eating all of them before giving them away…

Pink Pepper Cranberry Truffles with coarse Sea Salt
makes 15 bite-size pralines
1 bar dark chocolate (100g)
1 Kinder chocolate Santa (or other milk chocolate, about 80g)
1 teaspoon pink pepper
1 teaspoons coarse salt
15 dried cranberries (or one for each praline cup)

praline cups or praline mold

Melt chocolate in a double boiler. With a brush smear chocolate into the molds, so that the bottom and sides are covered. Let refridgerate for ten minute and repeat. Meanwhile crush the pink pepper and mix it with coarse salt. Melt the Kinder chocolate santa in a double boiler.

Once the praline shell has been covered with dark chocolate twice and cooled off place a cranberry inside. Mix pepper and salt with the melted milk chocolate and spoon into the shells on top of the cranberry. Let cool in the fridge for 15 minutes. Keep the remaining dark chocolate in the double boiler in a soft but not too fluid consistency. In other words: Turn down the temperature. Add this chocolate to the praline cups as a sort of lid to close the truffles. Let cool off completely.

These should be good for a long time if you can resist not to eat them all straight away! Enjoy!


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