en route, Office

25 goals for 2015

by Anna


do a girls trip to Morocco
do one power-walk per week (spring/summer)
do one yoga session per week (autumn/winter)
write and publish one blogpost per week
look for love
consume less, buy consciously, declutter
visit the Bronsons in Austin
find a sideboard/chest of drawers for the living room
write down three good moments each day
enjoy the moment, be happy
adopt a cat
cook at least once a week
do household chores for 30 minutes each day
meet Sarah and Shanes baby 🙂
finish the apartment (paint, organize, decorate)
shave legs regularly
considerately say what I think with carefully chosen words
put money into savings each month
write a children’s book
look for a educational science master programm
build and dress in a capsule wardrobe each season
do something fun every day (craft, nap, work out)
two friend dates each week
read one book or more per month
keep sundays internet-free


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