Living room, Lounge

Sam says

by Anna

Sam says hi! Anna is feeling under the weather with a little flu this weekend so I am taking over the blog today. I am a nine month old kitty with long hair, which might be a reason why Anna picked me up at the shelter. I was found in Bad Oeynhausen in November where I had lived on the streets for a long time. They called me Pumuckel at the shelter but I really am Sam. When Anna came to visit me the first time I was very sceptical, I hid in the in the far corner and chewed on her fingers when she tried to pet me. She came back anyway.

Ever since she has fed me every day. She bought me a second litter box when I had pooped on the couch on four consecutive mornings. She also speaks to me in a soft voice as if we had secrets. She also cleans up after me. (And if she doesn’t I poop on the sofa some more.)

In return for her adopting me I let her look at me, I catch the tasty kitty tidbits that she likes to throw from the sofa (when it is clean), I growl at her when she comes to close to my bowl or doesn’t withdraw soon enough after feeding me and I scratch her when she tries to touch me. I do not know if this is what a good kitty does, but I am still learning…

Anna says as long as we are communicating, so as long as I growl at her, we are making progress.


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