en route

7 summer days in Ireland (with only a cabin bag)

by Anna

Hiya, I spent the recent hot summer week in Ireland visiting one of my best friends and her baby girl. Penny-pinching as I can be, I decided to travel only with a carry-on and today I am here to share the minimal wardrobe that I packed and wore on this trip. I would have been allowed to take a 10 kilo bag but I managed with 8 kilos instead. Wanna see what I wore?

On travel day I wore the heaviest items I wanted to bring because 1) it’s always cold on airplanes (it was actually freezing) and 2) they won’t take up space and weight in your carry-on bag. T-Shirt from J.Crew , knit sweater and burgundy pants from Promod , sneakers Converse

To travel back home I wore the same items as mentioned above and just exchanged the t-shirt. This one’s from H&M

On our beach day I wore my favorite little vintage playsuit from Episode a dark chambray shirt from Clockhouse and Converse sneakers with black tights (because the heat wave didn’t quite reach Irelands west coast…)

For a day in town I wore my striped Promod dress, the Clockhouse chambray shirt, burgundy tights, an H&M menswear belt and suede ballet flats from Görtz

On a lake day with a forest walk I wore this sweat shirt from Clockhouse, chinos from Wissmach and my Görtz flats

Always an easy outfit make the dark chambray, burgundy pants with leather belt and my oh so beloved ages old sandals from Zara – these even traveled to Turkey last yeaar with a friend to be made up… Call me crazy.

For walks around the neighborhood I wore the J.Crew t-shirt (because these really are the days), shorts and cardigan from H&M and Zara sandals.

All in all I took three pairs of shoes (could even have done without the sandals, but they’re so darn pretty), two t-shirts, two sweaters, two pairs of pants, one chambray shirt, one cardigan, one dress, one playsuit. Not pictured are underwear, pajamas and socks. I also took a plain grey tube skirt that would have made an excellent evening outfit with the black t-shirt and cardi, the ballet flats and a pair of tights.

All photos edited with Rookie app

Penny-pinching travel tips
Check cabin bag dimensions and weight. Don’t forget the liquids on board policy: Max 100 ml bottles in a 1 l ziplock bag.

Wear your heaviest clothes on the travel days so they won’t take up space in the bag nor make it heavier.

Bring only minimal make-up, impress with your relaxed vacation attitude. All I took with me were mascara, two colors eyeliner and concealer. And lip balm and moisturizer of course.

Bring an empty water bottle and fill after security at a water fountain or sink – if water is potable.

Bring heavy knitted socks and a pashmina – I always get cold on airplanes.

Bring your own snacks.

Read more about my capsule wardrobe here and check out the archives for handmade fashion!



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