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2015 goals review

by Anna



look for love

I did not look and still was found by it.

consume less, buy consciously, declutter

I bought a lot less in 2015. I only splurged when it came to food and travel, since those are things I adore, I found it more than ok to spend my money on them. And now that I finished “the art of tidiying” (book review still to come) there will even be more decluttering.

find a sideboard/chest of drawers for the living room

When I published this post in 2015 I already had a little piece of furniture on the radar aka my ebay Kleinanzeigen wishlist. It’s one of a kind, sort of American mid century (a style I LOVE) and has a unique black glass board on top. Needless to say: I adore it.

enjoy the moment, be happy

There were so many moments that I was truly, madly, deeply happy. Can’t count them…

adopt a cat

You all read about Sam, the cat here. Sadly Sam only got to stay for little over half a year. Even though the balcony was cat proof the stray cat in him managed to find a way to get out and down to the street. He was missing and we were looking for him for over a month until I one day found him at the corner of the street right around my workplace. The poor baby had stayed so close by me until he encountered a car with too much speed. Rest in peace, litte love.

cook at least once a week

I did and do cook almost every evening! This one I have more than accomplished, I conquered it!!!

meet Sarah and Shanes baby 🙂

Met lovely Shauna in June, here is the baby blanket I made for her.

finish the apartment (paint, organize, decorate)

As far as I am concerned one can never be finished with a home, but as far as most people would say I am done.

put money into savings each month


build and dress in a capsule wardrobe each season

I have capsules for three seasons now. Do I dress in them only? No. Did I downsize my clothing? Yes. Goal accomplished. Only in summer I did not put any boundaries in myself.

do something fun every day (craft, nap, work out)

Sometimes cooking had to act as the fun thing (and it mostly is), but I also took many naps 😉  And then I did not even mention cuddling last year. Silly me.

two friend dates each week

The goal was to feel less lonely. This worked out thanks to the boyfriend. I will still keep working on my friend game in 2016.

read one book or more per month

10 out of 12 ain’t bad, no? Yet, this is a goal that will remain a focus in 2016.



do a girls trip to Morocco

I did not have anyone to work for me so I could not take the time off that I needed for this trip. It’s as easy as that. But than again I had always imagined to do the Morocco trip as my hen night / bachelorette party…

do one power-walk per week (spring/summer)

Uhm, yeah, I did walk, just not as regularly as I wanted to (one walk in september and one in november). During the summer it was too hot and I was too busy – excuses, I know. I do remember one perfect sunday morning though when I woke up refreshed at 7 am to go for my power walk and pick up Brötchen, take a hot shower and crawl back into bed 🙂

do one yoga session per week (autumn/winter)

I did my yoga for ten weeks in may and june and then it was the summer and I was supposed to do power walks – see above. The 2016 goal will be to work out more.

write and publish one blogpost per week

We were back on a consequent one post a week schedule. I believe it only worked because Hetty is back and motivates me… During the first half of the year I focused on: life. As John Lennon said “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. Can’t say I am too sad about it.

visit the Bronsons in Austin

This is probably the goal I am most sad about missing, but “aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben”!

write down three good moments each day

For the month of january I wrote them down each night, later I focused on experiencing and cherishing them while they happened.

do household chores for 30 minutes each day

I realized this year that I am more of a “do household chores in a chunk” kind of person. And I only made this a goal because I have no dishwasher and wanted the dishes to we washed more regurlarly…

shave legs regularly

No comment.

considerately say what I think with carefully chosen words

Working on it, y’all.

write a children’s book

I had dreamed of writing a novel for as long as I can remember. In primary school I used to draw elaborate pictures and make up stories for all the characters in them. Later I “downsized” the dream to a (shorter) children’s book. This year I realized this is not the season for a book. I do not give up on this dream completely, yet, I will push it back to later in life.

look for a educational science master programm

I did and I found one I liked. Ultimately it came down to two things: Changes at work and the realization that I could not imagine being responsible for a big kindergarten when a small establishment already feels so challenging. Bottom line: I am happy where I am. But I still want to grow.

keep sundays internet-free

Due to the boyfriend sundays involve a lot less internet. So I file this as accomplished, no? The goals was to spend less time online and live more. And that’s being done.


Have a beautiful, safe and very happy new year 2016! Love, Anna


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