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Recently read 10/15: Marie Kondo

by Anna

Marie Kondo: The life-changing magic of tidying up

I have one problem with the KonMari method: I am supposed to gather all my items of one catgorie in the same spot before I start deciding which spark joy. This seems problematic behause I have stuff at my parents, in my basement and all around the apartment. Best example are clothes. I have my bins with seasonal wear stored away, I have bags with clothes to stell at the next flea market, I have stuff I want to alter, half-finished garments around the sewing machine yada yada ya.

If I can work up the motivation to collect all these things in one place I will be more than ready to declutter for real. Why? Because what Marie Kondo says makes sense. Only keep what sparks joy. And I know what she means, certain items just make me tingle, give me a warm feeling and produce a smile on my face. And a lot of the stuff I own just doesn’t do that. Since I am already experimenting with capsule wardrobes the KonMari method only feels like the next step. I am inspired. I am just not sure if I want to organize my underwear the way Marie does…



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