Butterick Retro Sundress B5920

by Anna

butterick b5920 modewaerts

It has been over two years that I started making this dress! And finally this year I worked up the courage to handstitch button holes, so I could finish this pretty thing. I still have my fifty years old trusted sewing machine, that still only sews straight lines (and will never do anything else). And no back-up, no button-hole machine and a strange feeling when thinking about taking the dress to a tailor only to have button holes made… What does Anna do? Come up with a plan b.

diy dress sewing sundress butterick modewaerts

So handstitching it was. It went surprisingly well. I was quick and efficient and made no bigger booboos and was rewarded with topping up the pretty pink/white/grey dotted fabric with my vintage bubble buttons, which were saved for a special dress. As you can see the fabric does not flow easily, it doesn’t have a pretty drape. Trust me in choosing the wrong, ie too heavy fabric for about any dress.This cotton is pretty thick, it has some serious “stand”. So learn from me how not to do it and choose a fabric according to instructions! Which means “light to medium weight”!

b5920 retro butterick '51 modewaerts

As the title says this is Retro Butterick ’51. The pattern is called B5920 and it is labelled as easy, which I agree to. I chose the sleeveless version A. The trickiest part is the collar, but with a little experience and some trial and error this should work out fine for beginners as well. The bodice fits fine (I made a size 14 again as for the dress, my other Butterick creation), I would only suggest to sew the skirt on higher to the bodice. Might need to alter that as it feels strange on my waist (on the other hand the boyfriend doesn’t like the dress, so I wonder how often I will actually wear it… Have not ever worn it except during the photo shoot). I blame my heavy fabric for the stiffness in the waist area. It also causes the big butt, doesn’t it? It’s not me, cannot be.

retro 51 sleeveless sundress modewaerts

Construction was very easy from what I remember (yeah, it has been a while, I am not getting younger either…) I omitted the belt, though I would like to make one, now, looking at the pictures, and to add pockets to such a busy pattern felt awkward. So off they went. I really, really like to little modest collar and I am in love with the buttons, I mean, how can one not love little bubbles as buttons? To me this dress in that fabric is the perfect day dress around the house, running errands and working your pretty little dupa off, you 1950s housewife. That’s about how I feel in this dress. Which sounds bad – but is not. I randomly imagine myself living in the fifties of the last decade, being married to an open-minded fellow who is cool with my ideas and desire to be free (and weird) and raising four adorable children and pretty much staying home doing housework all day. It would not only be not bad, it would make me happy.



Bubble buttons.Five of them. True vintage love.

diy retro butterick b5920 modewaerts sun dress

Have a wonderful sunday! Love, Anna


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