About modewaerts

hetty anna nyon schweiz

Hi, we’re Anna and Hetty and we are living a handmade lifestyle. modewaerts is about doing things yourself: sewing, cooking, crafting. Here we share all things handmade, homemade and made with love like diy projects, vegetarian & vegan cuisine and customized fashion.

Anna started modewaerts in march 2010 as her digital business card. In january 2013 Anna started blogging regularly and switched from German to English. The next month Hetty started first as a guest-blogger and soon afterwards as a regular contributor. Then in April the blog moved to this site here. Since then the readership has doubled and is continually growing.

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Here’s Anna on pinterest and there’s Hetty on pinterest

UFO spotting
UFO spotting

mode = fashion, waerts = in the direction of (modewaerts was a fashion blog when it was a baby…)


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