kleid nähen butterick schnitt
I am a daycare professional and besides kids I like anything homemade, handmade, and made with love!

spent 10 months as a foreign exchange student in Texas, USA
apprenticeship as tailor/seamstress
studied fashion journalism and media communications in Düsseldorf, Germany
started modewaerts in 2010
worked as an au pair in Pays de Gex, France where she met Hetty

You can reach Anna at anna(dot)modewaerts(at)gmail(dot)com

Some of Annas most heartfelt posts
DIY sandals
Melon feta summer salad
Colorful garden chair makeover
Oat scones
Upcycled giftbags

See what Anna hearts here


I am going to share my blogging and other heros (rather heroines for that matter) for you to learn a tiny bit about myself.

I adore Benita of Chez Larsson for her pureness, simplicity and the “whiteness” of her interiors. I admire her major living and house projects that I don’t dare to do yet.

Elsie and Emma of A beautiful mess for their creativity. Period. Always such an inspiration. Not to forget their photography, originality and the vibe that their blog conveys.

Aurélie of Französisch Kochen French cuisine in German. Charming, mouth-watering and très francais. Thanks to her, I can send people links to awesome french recipes without translating them to German. Merci.

Emory of Hello, Scarlett left one of the sweetest comments on my blog ever about my ice lantern. I have been loving to follow her creative, dog loving and house shopping/building journey ever since.

Nina of Ninutschkanns made the cutest doily curtain, linked it to my doily lamp and there she was in my world and in my blogreader. I just love her style!

In my offline life I love free spirits as well. Sarah, June and Laure always inspire and make me try new things. Kitchen-wise my grandma has been a great inspiration and role-model. No one will ever make pancakes the way she did. And then there is my co-blogger Hetty who makes me take my blogging to a new level.

Work experience
internships at Maxi, Style International, Neue Westfälische Zeitung,
blogged for modekommentar and Sschöner Wohnen Blog


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