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Mein Kleid in der Burda

von Anna

Hallihallo! Ich schaue einmal kurz hier herein um euch zu sagen: Mein Kleid ist in der aktuellen Burda Style! Das Kleid aus der Vintage-Bettwäsche von Mama und dem tollen 50er Schnitt! Im Juni wurde ich vom Burda Team angeschrieben, ob sie mein Kleid veröffentlichen dürften. Natürlich sagte ich ja! Überlegte noch kurz, ob man noch neue Fotos machen sollte (wir hatten damals in der Mittagssonne fotografiert), hatte dafür aber keine Zeit. Sie haben das Foto super bearbeitet und für meinen Gesichtsausdruck kann nur ich was 😉

Ich bin so stolz, diese Veröffentlichung ist fast noch besser, als wenn ich früher meine Artikel in Magazinen zu sehen bekam! Gefunden haben sie mich übrigens über mein Profil in der Burda Community.

Und worüber freut ihr euch an diesem herbstlichen Wochenende? Alles Liebe, Anna

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2015 goals review

by Anna



look for love

I did not look and still was found by it.

consume less, buy consciously, declutter

I bought a lot less in 2015. I only splurged when it came to food and travel, since those are things I adore, I found it more than ok to spend my money on them. And now that I finished “the art of tidiying” (book review still to come) there will even be more decluttering.

find a sideboard/chest of drawers for the living room

When I published this post in 2015 I already had a little piece of furniture on the radar aka my ebay Kleinanzeigen wishlist. It’s one of a kind, sort of American mid century (a style I LOVE) and has a unique black glass board on top. Needless to say: I adore it.

enjoy the moment, be happy

There were so many moments that I was truly, madly, deeply happy. Can’t count them…

adopt a cat

You all read about Sam, the cat here. Sadly Sam only got to stay for little over half a year. Even though the balcony was cat proof the stray cat in him managed to find a way to get out and down to the street. He was missing and we were looking for him for over a month until I one day found him at the corner of the street right around my workplace. The poor baby had stayed so close by me until he encountered a car with too much speed. Rest in peace, litte love.

cook at least once a week

I did and do cook almost every evening! This one I have more than accomplished, I conquered it!!!

meet Sarah and Shanes baby 🙂

Met lovely Shauna in June, here is the baby blanket I made for her.

finish the apartment (paint, organize, decorate)

As far as I am concerned one can never be finished with a home, but as far as most people would say I am done.

put money into savings each month


build and dress in a capsule wardrobe each season

I have capsules for three seasons now. Do I dress in them only? No. Did I downsize my clothing? Yes. Goal accomplished. Only in summer I did not put any boundaries in myself.

do something fun every day (craft, nap, work out)

Sometimes cooking had to act as the fun thing (and it mostly is), but I also took many naps 😉  And then I did not even mention cuddling last year. Silly me.

two friend dates each week

The goal was to feel less lonely. This worked out thanks to the boyfriend. I will still keep working on my friend game in 2016.

read one book or more per month

10 out of 12 ain’t bad, no? Yet, this is a goal that will remain a focus in 2016.



do a girls trip to Morocco

I did not have anyone to work for me so I could not take the time off that I needed for this trip. It’s as easy as that. But than again I had always imagined to do the Morocco trip as my hen night / bachelorette party…

do one power-walk per week (spring/summer)

Uhm, yeah, I did walk, just not as regularly as I wanted to (one walk in september and one in november). During the summer it was too hot and I was too busy – excuses, I know. I do remember one perfect sunday morning though when I woke up refreshed at 7 am to go for my power walk and pick up Brötchen, take a hot shower and crawl back into bed 🙂

do one yoga session per week (autumn/winter)

I did my yoga for ten weeks in may and june and then it was the summer and I was supposed to do power walks – see above. The 2016 goal will be to work out more.

write and publish one blogpost per week

We were back on a consequent one post a week schedule. I believe it only worked because Hetty is back and motivates me… During the first half of the year I focused on: life. As John Lennon said “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. Can’t say I am too sad about it.

visit the Bronsons in Austin

This is probably the goal I am most sad about missing, but “aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben”!

write down three good moments each day

For the month of january I wrote them down each night, later I focused on experiencing and cherishing them while they happened.

do household chores for 30 minutes each day

I realized this year that I am more of a “do household chores in a chunk” kind of person. And I only made this a goal because I have no dishwasher and wanted the dishes to we washed more regurlarly…

shave legs regularly

No comment.

considerately say what I think with carefully chosen words

Working on it, y’all.

write a children’s book

I had dreamed of writing a novel for as long as I can remember. In primary school I used to draw elaborate pictures and make up stories for all the characters in them. Later I “downsized” the dream to a (shorter) children’s book. This year I realized this is not the season for a book. I do not give up on this dream completely, yet, I will push it back to later in life.

look for a educational science master programm

I did and I found one I liked. Ultimately it came down to two things: Changes at work and the realization that I could not imagine being responsible for a big kindergarten when a small establishment already feels so challenging. Bottom line: I am happy where I am. But I still want to grow.

keep sundays internet-free

Due to the boyfriend sundays involve a lot less internet. So I file this as accomplished, no? The goals was to spend less time online and live more. And that’s being done.


Have a beautiful, safe and very happy new year 2016! Love, Anna

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Glam Lamb cardigan Strickfortschritt

von Anna

Es ist eine Weile her, dass ich einen progress report gepostet habe, nicht? Im September habe ich geschrieben, dass ich bis Mitte November mit der Glam Lamb Strickjacke für die Mama fertig sein will. Und ich bin dran. Aktueller Stand: Reihe 49 vom Rückenteil. Bedeutet: mehr als ein Drittel des Rückens ist fertig. Bedeutet auch: wenn ich weiter zwei Reihen am Tag stricke brauche ich noch dreißig Tage für den Rücken. Da muss noch mehr Tempo rein…

 Allgemein strickt sich das glamouröse Lamm wie im Schlaf. Und ist dabei ein bisschen einschläfernd… Aber immerhin komme ich damit schnell voran. Und kann auch völlig müde noch stricken… Ich liebe die I-Cord Ränder und den”Rippen-Look” des Cardigans. Das Strickmuster ist einfach zu lesen, auch wenn man wie ich nicht daran gewöhnt ist nach englischen Strickmustern zu arbeiten. Alles easy.

 Die Wolle ist Norwegia Vintage von Gründl Wolle in hellgrau, Farbe 7. Eine wunderbare Stärke, die ich mit 12er Nadeln traktiere… Kleinere funktionierten für mich nicht. Ansonsten bin ich beim 6. Knäuel Wolle, da muss also Nachschub her, allein schon um den Körper fertig zu kriegen. Und die Ärmel? Auch in grau? 50% Schurwolle im Garn sollte Mama schön warm halten. Auf meinem Schoß ist das fortschreitende Glam Lamb jedenfalls kuschelig warm. Nur wie man es trägt hab ich noch nicht so ganz raus wie man oben sieht…

Habt eine schöne sonnige Woche! Ich kuschel mich bei der Kälte unter die halbfertige Jacke und stricke weiter!

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Annas winter capsule wardrobe

by Anna

Is a simpler life anyones goal for 2015? I did not exactly put simplicity on my list but I want to build, wear and maintain a capsule wardrobe. This means 37 pieces of clothing for each season. I work with the meteorological seasons which means I wear my winter clothes from december through february. However with the unpredictable German weather I decided to have a month-long transition period aka overlay. Meaning I still keep my winter clothes handy in march. (And I won’t be stuck with springy tees and cotton cardigans when there is snow blurring around.)

I stuck with the 37 pieces rule of Un-Fancy but left warm outerwear coats out of the equation. Fyi I own and wear three of them. Shoes are included in these 37 pieces. PJs, workout wear and homewear are not included, neither are festive/formal dresses. That sounds like a lot of exclusions, no? So let me tell you what 37 pieces I solely wear.

So here is what I wear
Pants: burgundy, black, highwaist, carrot, overalls, +new green
Skirts: tulle, wool
Dresses: woolwhite, waterfall, stripes
Cardigans: cabel, fleamarket, norwegian, grandpa, ikat
Sweaters: black/white, orange, waves, grey, black, olive, woolwhite, hoodie
T-Shirts/turtlenecks: flowers, snowflakes, ornaments, black, black turtleneck, waterfall purple, blue, pale pink, stripes
Shoes: brown lace-ups, white booties, pink suede, ballet flats, snow boots

Also I divided my clothing rack with a scarf. On one side are the garments I have already worn, on the other side those I have yet to wear. If at the end of the capsule wardrobe I find that something was not at all worn, I will have to leave. With three items left on the unworn side I rather doubt that though.

How is this going? This is my second capsule. I did one for fall and told noone about it. That was my test run because I wanted to know if people noticed if I wore the same pieces over and over. Like my mum asking me if I had a new favorite cardigan. But although I wore the same cardi for almost five days straight on christmas break, nobody said a thing. Which is good.

I am doing this capsule thing to simplify dressing in the morning and to find out what I truly love to wear i.e. to learn of my very own style. I already ditched some winter pieces while putting together this capsule and what I find impractical and unconfortable of the items in my current capsule will leave at the end of march. The thing is that I mainly shopped my own closet. That is because I want to minimize.

My goal is to find pieces that I love and wear and not to swap stuff (that does not get worn) for more stuff (that does not get worn). So I start out with a wardrobe from pieces that I already have. During the transition period I take notes of what I still need and then look and shop for the right item to fill the gap. These pieces must be what I want in color, match many of the other garments, be comfortable and of good quality to last not only through this capsule but best through many more capsules as well.

For this winter I needed another pair of pants. I wanted comfy and colorful (in my capsule not necessarily everthing matches everything) and bought these mint&berry jeans in teal. They are a great fit and I love them a whole bunnch already. I brought them in for the grandpa vest that was not warm enough for winter. Also I am still looking for a replacement for my striped longsleeve tee because I is just too worn and baggy. I had hope that this striped turtleneck would work but it turned out the neckhole was very tight and felt like a grip around my throat.

My capsule wardsobe get worn at work and at home. And it gets dirty a lot, little hands smear banana or snot on me, I drip on myself when feeding one of the kids or and outside I get muddy feet on my stuff when picking a little one up.

For winter I included shoes but excluded coats. Even though I have pretty much worn every garment in my capsule already I think I could even downsize some more. On the other hand I did include coats as well as shoes in my fall capsule, so that’s what will happen in spring, too. From there on I will see if I want to narrow down some more. Think 30 pieces?!? Exclude skirts completely? (I tend to wear dresses when I want to be fancy…) Limit shoes even more?

Bottom line: I love it! I am not sure yet wether it is limiting my selection or the open racks that make me see everything in one place. But the items I chose get worn. Obviously I still have clothes that I tend to reach for more often. This also is what makes me thing I could limit myself even further. Like come to the point where I love all the items in my closet equally… Ok, this my be utopia.

What I know for sure is that I know what is in my closet or more acurately on my rack. Since putting together this caspule there have not been any surprises as in “oh, I still have that”. I am more aware of what I own. And that’s a great way of decluttering…

Would you be interested in a recap at the end of winter?

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Apartment Progress

by Anna
Well, hello, it’s been a while! Above you can see my to do list and some ideas for the apartment. There has been some remarkable progress already, if I say so myself, that’s why you haven’t heard from me. White walls instead of vanilla walls are a good excuse to take a blogging hiatus, right? Only that I did not paint them myself, but I better keep that tidbit a secret…

So, I have been making decisions, searching high and low for storage ideas, been painting an old changing table and just getting settled in the new place.

Projects from my list that I already tackled
Giant clementine canvas for the kitchen
String Lights on the balcony
Dresser aka changing table makeover with chalkboard paint
Furniture and a key holder in the hallway
Entire apartment painted white
Herbs and fall plants on the balcony

Work in progress
Instead of stamping in the living room I started writing on the wall behind my couch – it’s cheesy lyrics, you know me, that mean a lot to me – but I am neither completely happy with my handwriting not with the color. The teal looks too green and the writing feels like I am copying a first grade schoolbook on how to write pretty. Gotta put more of my personality in.

I have been looking all over the internet for storage ideas. I don’t want a regular closet, I want to see my clothes. So doors are not an option. I was going for a wall-mounted rail going from one wall to the other. Turns out my wall is too long for standard rails or curtain rods. The longest I found were 2,50m and the wall is almost three meters. Piecing together seemed like an option.
Yet, the thing is I cannot have it hanging from the ceiling because I have overhead heating. Apparently such a thing exists. This also means I cannot put lamps just anywhere, only an electrician is allowed to change the places of the lamps.

Next ideas for the wardrobe: Mount the rail/rod to the wall behind it. There are systems that allow this, but I am not a fan. My dad suggested putting supporting tubes up from the floor which would also hide the place of piecing together pipes for the desired lenght. In my books this is not minimal enough. I don’t want stuff on the floor (or should I say I did not want?). Also I want that chalkboard dresser in the middle of the wall underneath the clothing rail.
Then I found and fell for this shop looking idea from COUCH magazine that would easily be customizable and a fun diy. Dad said it would not hold much weight – and I don’t want my wardrobe crash down in the middle of the night and attempt to murder me in my slumber. Another no it was. Now I am going back to my VERY first idea and just put to clothing rails on either site of the dresser and see how that goes. I have one bought and the other one will be dDIY, yay! I am still entertaining the idea of one or two shelves as seen in the shop style idea for shoes and hats. But clothes first! (That’s because I already have a little show rack in the hallway.) Also this whole minimal wardrobe thing will only work because I am right now living with a capsule wardrobe of 37 pieces. There will be more underbed storage for clothing not in use.

Living room storage. That’s another though call. I need something like a sideboard or vertico or buffet type dresser. I need doors here desperately but I don’t want the piece of furniture to be tall. I love this piece but it might not hold as much as I need it to hold, think dish towels, table cloths, vases, and the like. Though certainly totally worth the asking price I am not ready to splurge. I would love for my storage piece to be vintage but maybe i will just hack an ikea thing? This is a big construction site in my head right now.

Also for progress I made the hanging rope shelves recently shown on A Beautiful Mess they only need to be hung. Once that’s done I will also share how I turned an inconveniently located ac thing appear to be a totally purposed art display shelf, ha.

What still needs to be done
Change ceiling lights, sure they must stay in the locations of the old lamps but having my collection of lamps will make it so muc more homey here.
Hang curtain rods in my room and in the living room.
Make fabric garlands.
Stamp a wall in the bedroom: I have the color and made the stamp but was discouraged by the writing on the living room wall. Oh well. The spirit will come back.
Mount apron holders.

What do you do first thing when you move into a new place? What’s the most important feature to make it feel like home? How many times have you moved?

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The Dress – Retro Butterick ’60 B5748

by Anna
annas butterick retro b5748
Can I just let the pictures do the talking?
kleid nähen butterick schnitt
My friend Hülya took these photos last sunday during the blue hour (thanks ever so much!), so I could finally show the dress that Hetty doesn’t want me to wear to someone’s (really anyone’s) wedding. I had sewn it with no occasion in mind, but when I finished I felt like this was something to wear to a marriage. Now, that I see it in photos I totally get Hettys point. While in real life the blue of the flowers outweighs the white, in pictures it looks much lighter and then there definitely is too much white for another girls wedding. With that said let’s talk about this pattern!
butterick retro B5748
I love this dress and I love the pattern. It was my first Butterick and I am so pleased with the fit. First of all, I had never made a pattern where seam allowance was included – it’s the raddest thing! Then it fits ME like a glove, like really truly. Maybe I have a 1960s figure?!? I made no size alterations whatsoever and this is so rare. You have me cursing on many a pattern because there is always something concerning the waist, the darts or the bust. Here – nada.
diy dress easy
(Ok, being German I have to find the one tiny fault: Next time I would make the straps closer together i.e. make the upper front slightly narrower. Details, folks, details.)
dress twirls
I stuck with view A of the pattern, just omitting the front bow and the slits in the neckline. Which basically makes it a view B with a bow in the back. Whatever. Cutting was basic, sewing was easy. There are long darts but they posed no problem. I went with a medium weight cotton mix fabric with woven white stripes and printed blue flowers. It’s the same fabric Hetty used for this dress, just blue instead of her red.
Retro Butterick '60 dress
Fun fact: My fabric resembles the drawing on the pattern envelope a lot: Also blue flowers on white background. This is why I chose that fabric (from my stash) to make this exact dress. Even though I did not have quite enough cloth which makes the skirt shorter in some areas. Oh well. Would you have known? And since I am one who is more interested in the result than the process I have sewn in one session. Outcome: I am very happy with both the process and the result.
vintage pattern dress
This is a Misses’ / Misses’ Petite Dress. Considering I am 180 cm (almost 6 feet) tall and since I made this in a size 14 it is pretty impressive that it fits like this. The darts that come up from the midriff seam really work in my favor. Mental note to self: Make more clothes with darts like those. This is my first piece of clothing with darts from the midriff up. Was that a 60s thing? (Do not mention to anyone that I went to fashion school. I should know that kind of thing, no?)
rückansicht butterick schnitt retro
In case you are in Europe (like me) and pondering buying the pattern: I totally recommend you do. Wait for a sale. I got the pattern when lots of them were for 2.99$.
vintage schnitt kleid
I am wearing the retro Butterick pattern dress with a vintage petticoat, fleamarket bag and Mary-Jane-type skyblue leather kicks from a few seasons ago. Fun (well, not so fun) fact: I forgot the bag at one of the doorhandles on location. And then I forgot about forgetting it allover again. Will go tomorrow to check if it’s still there. If not, at least I have picture-perfect memories of it now. On the other hand, we photographed in the court of a prison that is not used anymore. What do you think my chances are of getting the bag back? – Ok. Enough. Happy weekend ~Anna~

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Turnbeutel crazy

by Anna
turnbeutel selbstmachen
A couple of weeks ago, two friends and I went to the Netherlands to visit friends of us. While I did not take a single picture (my phone battery died and I could not be bothered to take the big camera), some pretty interesting things happened. First, we welcomed a hitchhiker on board: Roar, Danish, like the Katy Perry Song. Then we did what I absolutely did not want to do, we spent Saturday at the designer’s outlet. No need to say it was super crowded. Sunday was wonderfully relaxed. And I finally noticed my friend Hülyas turnbeutel. So fun, so easy to wear and so simple to make!
turnbeutel drawstring bag
I think, she preferred to call hers a sportbeutel, but this kind of drawstring bag just makes me think of elementary school physical education class. When it always was a turnbeutel for me. Anyhow, this one’s too cute for smelly shoes, so today I am carrying my purse, sunglasses and tissues in my new bag.
drawstring bag diy
There are lots of tutorials on the internet for this kind of backpack, but alas I decided to go my own way. I will be sharing what I learned when I started just making it without a big plan. There are some minor changes I would make for the next one, yet I am happy I took the most important step: The first step. Sometimes starting is the hardest, no?

How would you call a bag like this? Happy weekend! ~Anna~