Der erste selbstgestrickte Pulli – endlich!

von Anna
Erinnert ihr euch an die Three things on sunday von letztem Jahr? Ich habe eine Bluse geändert, ein Kleid in einem wunderschönen Missoniartigen Stoff genäht (und schon zweimal getragen nur noch nicht gebloggt) und einen Pullover gestrickt. Heute ist es soweit: der Pulli ist fertig! Aber in echter Anna-Manier ist dabei natürlich einiges anders gekommen als geplant…

Zur Auffrischung: Ich habe einen alten, ziemlich langen Zara-Pullover mit einem sehr weiten Halsausschnitt (ok, einem ausgewachsenen Dekolleté) aufgeribbelt um daraus diesen Pullover zu stricken. Das Muster ist ein einfaches Anfängermodell, das überhaupt keine Probleme machte. Bis zum Halsausschnitt. Der ist zu eng und ich kann den Pulli nicht anziehen, obwohl er sonst komplett passen müsste, wenn er auch eng ist. Bislang kriege ich nur meine Arme hinein…
halsausschnitt pullover
Was ist passiert? Seitdem Sam bei mir wohnt ist es etwas turbulenter geworden, statt der Krauleinlagen gibt es zusätzliche Waschmaschineneinsätze, denn der junge Herr ist weniger als Hauskatze geeignet, als das Tierheim mich glauben ließ. So hab ich dann einen Karton mit den Ärmeln des alten Zara-Pullover ausgelegt als zusätzliches Körbchen für den Kater, als ich gemerkt habe, dass ich doch neue Ärmel stricken muss. Schlechte Idee. Er hat es als Klo benutzt. Ich konnte nicht einmal mehr die Wolle nutzen. Was tun? Wollmeise Sockenwolle doppeln und für den restlichen Ärmel und den Halsauschnitt verstricken. Das klappte soweit gut bis ich zum Hals kam. Der ist jetzt zu eng.

Fazit: Strickmuster top, Durchführung spaßig, Resultat suboptimal. Bis zum nächsten Winter werde ich das mit dem Hals dann aber auch geregelt haben…

Schönen Sonntag!


Annas knitted hats autumn/winter 2013/2014

by Anna
annas knit hats
Hi dear readers, is it sunny where you are as well? With winter hopefully coming to an end here, I want to share the hats I have knitted during this past cold season.

1) simple hat like this one I made for myself in burgundy for my Dad
2) Cascade Yarns Pacific Garter Rib with a Twist for my aunt
3) Azure Quick cable slouch hat knitted in Wollmeises “Die Auster” which was way too fine for the pattern but I so wanted to use it and – since I cannot be bothered to make swatches – turned out more beanie than slouch, which is fine with me because this one I will keep
4) same as number one knitted in seed stitch for my Mum. This yarn (Sinful Singles DK by Vice) is such a pleasure to touch, to knit, to wear! See how different the yarns in the same pattern looks in garter stitch here

We’re missing number 5 here, the same super simple to knit hat for my brother

Enjoy your sunday!


Hetty’s first loop and knitting in progress: Knitting ToDo

by Hetty
simple handknit cowl
Happy Sunday to all of you! Finally a Sunday without too much work for me, a Sunday which really deserves to be called the end of the week… Well, a Sunday before I go back to uni work… So I’ll just use the time wisely and tell you about my first ever knit scarf and my knitting projects in progress. As usual, I am working on several things at the same time, not finishing anything in the near future, but already making plans for new projects…

But first about my first loop. It’s a very simple and basic piece that anyone could do. You only need to know how to cast on, how to knit and how to bind off. So get as much yarn as you think you will need and cast on the number of stitches that equals the width you want to have for your loop scarf. Then keep knitting and knitting until it is long enough that you can wrap it around your neck twice while keeping the two ends attached.

Bind off and then sew the ends together with a yarn needle. Finished!
easy infinity scarf instructions
I used some burgundy red polyester yarn, basically just because it had a nice colour and didn’t cost too much. This way, I wouldn’t lose a fortune if I didn’t get along with or didn’t like it I figured. What a stupid thought though, I love knitting and fell directly for when I started this loop scarf. If you want to find more about how I actually learned knitting, you read about it here

So while that’s history, I’m on quite a few projects right now.
Hetty's Knitting ToDo

First, there is my Still Light Tunic, that I started a year ago. Right now it’s on hold, because I kind of need myself to push to giving double pointed needles another try. I did try it several times, but I just don’t like it. I did finish one of the pockets using double pointed needles, but it was a fight. So if any of you have any hints, you’re very welcome to share them with me.

The second project I’m working on is a very simple pullover. A no-brainer compared to the tunic. Just stockinette stitch and all pieces are sewn together at the end, so no dpns needed here. Yay! I just finished the back part and will start the front body piece this evening.
Hetty's Knitting White Yarn
The project I haven’t even started yet is going to be the Miette Cardigan by Andi Satterlund. I have five skeins of this lovely white yarn that I got for Christmas, and please – it needs to be enough! I calculated it should be just about the right amount, but keep your finger’s crossed for me. Andi has some more really nice knitting patterns, and one of them is even called like me – Hetty! I’m definitively tackling that one once I’m finished with the Miette.
Knitting ToDo
The last thing you see in the picture is my new travel sewing machine which I just won as first price gift on a web marketing contest at my French business School. How cool is that! Can’t wait to give some simple things a try with this cutie…


Work in progress: Three things on Sunday

by Anna

Here are some peaks at the projects that I started two weeks ago. Most of it actually looks like last Sunday, except for the knitting. Let’s start with the least progress and work our way up to the finished project. Gasp!
winter dress progress
The winter dress. I cut the pattern and some interfacing for facing pieces. Also I chose a facing fabric. And then discovered that never in a million years it would be enough. That’s because I want to make the front bands as well as the front facing in black. One trip to the fabric shop showed me what they have, however I could not make up my mind yet. I hope I will only get around to finishing the dress by the end of the month and then showing you in early march. The outfit is pretty much completely styled, if only in my mind. Who’s going to take my picture?
simple sweater progress
The restyled pullover (this pattern). I would have never guessed how long it would take to take the old Zara sweater apart. I managed to do that within the first week and then cast on. Since then the knitting has been coming along nicely. My yarn is finer, so I am using smaller needles and I love how it already shows the hand-knitted imperfections (and the booboos at the hem) instead of the machine-knit look. It’s weird knitting with already used yarn because there is pilling, and loops and thin pieces and it just feels different. Yet I am sure I will appreciate the sweater much more than before once its done. Might just take a couple of years… 😉
tie ends blouse top
The tie ends top (adapted from this pattern). It’s finished! It was quick and easy, one of those things that just needed to get started. There are lots of darts now both in the front and the back working their way up from the hem. It would actually need more darts in the upper area, but I want to see how much wear I get out of it as is. I styled it on the lady as I am planning to wear it, sleeves rolled up and ends tied. That’s what this top is all about, right? Then some high-waisted, light blue jeans, flat blue open-toed sling backs and maybe a baby pink headband..?


Three things on Sunday

by Anna

I am way excited to be writing this post. And not quite comfortable at the same time. I usually don’t share things that are not completed but I sure do like to look at other people’s work in progress. Be it knitting/sewing, decorations or makeovers. So today I will take it a step further and show you some projects that I WANT to do. Supplies are here, all I need is the push (or kick?) to start. Sharing it here with you should be push enough. Especially if you tell me you want to see the outcome…
butterick b5953 winter dress
Remember I talked about making myself a winter dress in my end of the year goals post? May I introduce to you this gorgeous knit fabric? I found it at Stoffmarkt and it conquered my heart. I showed it to Hetty on Skype and she immediately saod it’s a Missoni style pattern. True, no? I find it simply gorgeous, it’s soft and drapey and I just love the colors. I will turn it into this dress I am still trying to decide wether it will have black or grey trimming, probably my fabric stash will give the answer. And then I need to learn how to make button holes like these! Aren’t they pretty? I will make long sleeves for the dress as it is supposed to be a winter dress. Do you have any ideas on making the neckline more winter-friendly?
zara pull teal
I say that because that’s exactly why this beautifully knit sweater will be transformed. The neckline is just to plunging for a German winter. It’s from Zara, that might be an explanation… Otherwise it’s nice and comfy and I like the yarn, so it will be restyled, redesigned, you name it into this cool simple sweater
I had also looked at yarn at the store and found yarn I liked, but why not use something I already own and love? I have never reused yarn so it will be an experiment. I actually looked for a pattern that was similar to a sweater I saw in a store – which was all poly, nay. I will keep you posted how it works. It will be my first knitted garment, yikes!
tie blouse top butterick 5895
Last but not least there is this blouse that I bought at a thrift store back in the Geneva area. I love the fabric, the print and the button tab but as you can see it is very wide. I had planned to wear it with tied ends, however I feel somewhat lost in it right now. Instead of simply adjusting i.e. altering it (alterations are so boring!) I will take this Pattern by Gertie and make it into a slimmer tie ends top. Using a new (to me) pattern to make it fit better is just so much more inviting than pinning it down to fit… But that’s just me being weird, maybe.

Cannot wait to start! And let me tell you, I am off of work next week, so there is plenty of time. What are you most excited about to see finished? I promise I will get someone to take photos of me in the finished garments. Or just get a remote control for my camera. We’ll see. Happy Sunday everyone!

Anna, Studio

Annas bulky infinity scarf from Lana Grossa yarns

by Anna

Lana grossa infinity scarf
Lana grossa infinity scarf

I fell in love with the bulky lana grossa yarns last winter. When they finally went on sale, I snapped one large skein at my favorite local yarn store and ordered a second one online. I was going to make this huge infinity scarf (a lana grossa pattern as well) – it only just took until july until I started. And then it was done in like two sessions.

I also wanted to make you believe that it was already colder, when we shot the pics… It really was end of august and the same day we photographed my bubble pant and the first hat I ever knitted. Now it still is not cold enough to wear this bulky beauty of a scarf, however I expect january to bring temperatures that make me long for the heaviest knits I have.

"Big & easy colore" scarf
“Big & easy colore” scarf

For the actual knitting they recommend a size 15 (mm) needle – that’s a US 19! I skipped the investment, used my size 12 needle and worked some with my fingers, too. They can make great cable needles for bulky yarn… Find the pattern on my ravelry account Happy sunday!

en route, Hetty, Studio

Matching knits: Glittery pullover and hat

by Hetty

Hettys wavy moss hat
Hettys wavy moss hat

I don’t know what you think about wearing exactly matching items of clothing (in the sense of being from absolutely the same material), but to me it always seemed a little bit odd. Think of Britney’s and Justin’s all-jeans outfit years (ages to me) ago. You get what I mean?

But then there are other situations in which matching items could work really well. If the overall ratio of matching items to the rest of your outfit is good and you don’t get overwhelmed by matching matchiness (does that word exist… ? I don’t think so), you can get away with it really well.

Big cable pull-over made by Hetty
Big cable pull-over made by Hetty

My two matching items (you knew that this would come, don’t you) are of the latter category. Not only because they are rather subtle, but also because only one is a “real” piece of clothing, the other one is a piece of accessory. Additionally, I usually don’t wear them in a way that you would actually see them together.

I’m talking about a pullover and a hat that I knitted from the same yarn. It’s a beautiful teal yarn with lurex threads that keeps you really, really warm. The pullover is Big Cable Pull , the pattern is from ravelry and the hat is the Wavy moss hat, from ravelry as well. While the pullover gave me some trouble, which is mostly due to the pattern that shows much potential for improvement, the hat is really easy to knit. I made another one for my sister and now my youngest sister is also claiming one for her. Definitively going to be one of my all-time favourites.

Pretty in knits
Pretty in knits

However, the pullover is a good one for cold weather and kept me warm even on a cold and windy beach at the Baltic Sea in March this year when it was still freezing in Germany.

All photos taken in a park in Honfleur, France