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Apartment Progress II

by Anna
Here I go happily crossing things off of my to do list for the apartment! Bedroom? Finished! I am very happy how the shop style wardrobe look I was going for is conveyed from the image I showed you in the first apartment progress report to real life.

First, I made over the old changing table that I am going to use as a dresser. This is an heirloom piece of furniture to me, both my brother and I were changed on it as babies ( I believe my parents had taken off the hutch then) and it might have been another piece that the ‘rents had acquired with their house. Like my white table, a former kids desk, it had been sitting in the basement. Cool, huh?

When I was little I had put stickers all over the dresser which my Dad had already taken off, danke Papa! I just sanded, primed and painted in chalkboard paint. And then let the precious thing sit outside to dry and bad luck had that it the rained on it over night. Bummer. I painted over it again, but, as you can see stains remained. Oh well, c’est la vie. The basket is a lucky thrift find and the knobs are painted with nailpolish as I already did with the knobs in my former kitchen

Fun fact about the kitchen: the new owners send me a photo of it in its new home! Yay!

Second, to make my version of this clothing rack I ordered five 160cm broomsticks on amazon, tied them together with cute rope (more about that in a minute) and tada here is my DIY clothes rack. Once I had my material on hand – and since I skipped the drilling – this was a five minute project, yay! A cute looking and quick to put together project always fulfills me in a way that is beyond words – it’s instant happiness. Right now there is a whole lot of weight on it but it holds up, partly because it is jammed between the wall(s) and the wine crate shelves in front of it. If you want to have it standing free I would drill and secure with more rope at the bottom as seen in the tutorial link above.
The bed is facing the window which was the best decision not only for the room layout, but also because now I wake up and see the big beautiful tree in front of the window and the birds sitting and singing on its branches. This goes well with the still somewhat nostalic feel of the room, no? Only the wall under the slant was empty then, but the solution was there before the problem: I just made a white/babypink fabric garland (seen all over pinterest) and it was done. The very warm reindeer blanket is a gift from my parents and came all the way from Lithuania to me.
Orange and green hues above the kitchen table add a freshness to the old and chipped kitchen that make me smile everytime I enter or even pass by. I loved the clementine wall on A beautifull Mess and spun it off into a clementine canvas. Woodchip wallpapers all over the apartment don’t make for good stamping on the walls, I guess. I am going to try anyway. For the moment I love my clementine canvas and the ability to move it around if my little heart desires so. I actually used Schöner Wohnen paint samples in Mango and Honey for the fruit and the tiny cans as templates for the stamp. Then I also glued the foam stamps to the cans, now I have everything in one place in case I feel like I need more clementines in my life. Knowing me this might happen in the middle on the night on a holiday…
Before we talk about the rope shelf would you please note the reflections in the frames glass? It’s the string lights on the balcony, I guess I can cross off “show string lights on the blog” too, now, can I? When I saw the hanging rope shelves I knew they would be perfect for the new place, modern, light and challenging my woodworking unexperienced self. I upcycled slats from an old bedframe for the shelves and bought cute teal rope, as seen above for the clothing rack, then skipped the lip/skinny strip and whitewashed the boards. There is another one of these waiting to me mounted but I wanted to see how it holds up first because of my lightweigth walls. In any case, thanks to ABMs Joshua!
And then there is this. Hetty suggested she came over after christmas and write on the wall for me. I did a cesond coat of paint but my handwriting still does not look like mine on that wall. I like the “people still feel” bit of it, but the rest? Nah. Another idea might me to write it out on paper/a plastic sheet and cast it on the wall via an overhead projector/beamer? I just write more like myself on a level surface…

There is another thing that has improved but not so much that I can show you. The really 70s (in a bad way) looking bathroom looks a little happier with my printed instagram photos on the tiles. I hope the photo paper and the moisture will be friends, cross your fingers, please!

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September in a wrap

by Anna

September passed by in a blur. And I feel so happy it did. Here is what happened:

Looking forward to fall
Looking forward to fall

September 4: found out that I had to be moved out by the 20th of September.
September 6: read an ad in the paper for an apartment that sounded perfect for me. Just a little smaller than the current, on the top floor and with a balcony with a view over the whole city and beyond. Available when I needed it to be. Called and felt immediately connected with the owner.
Painted the turquoise wall in my living room back to white. Started packing boxes.
hanging planters spider plants
September 7: Sold my dresser and two Billy shelf systems for a bottle of Zinfandel.
September 8: Found out that I could see the apartment on saturday.
September 12: Hosted a big late summer party at work. Expected 70 people to turn up.
September 13: Visited the apartment. Fell in love with it head over heels. Called the owner fifteen minutes after leaving the place to tell them I want to take it. They agreed. Praise the Lord.
Sept 14: Packed more boxes.
One pillow a week
One pillow a week

Sept 15: Decided to put my kitchen on ebay Kleinanzeigen and sold it within 24 hours.
Sept 16: Sold the old unpretty sofa and had it moved out.
Sept 18: Took down lamps and the faucet with Dads help.
Sept 19: The kitchen was taken down and moved into its new home in a shared student flat. Bye Bye love. Finished packing boxes, took apart my bed and moved my matress to my parents. Camped in my brothers old room, Yay! Went to sign the lease on the new apartment.
Sept 20: With the help of seven hard-working friends and family members we moved the remaining furniture – not a lot anymore – and a whole lotta boxes into the basement at the new place. Cleaned the old place and handed in my keys.
Pumpkin decoration
Pumpkin decoration
Sept 22: Found out that one of the best friends in the world expects a baby!
Sept 24: Started a Sh’bam class. Back home fell onto matress camp laughing myself to sleep.
Sept 26: Open Doors at work, sore face from smiling.
Sept 27: Got keys for the new place. Moving in!
Sept 30: Plans: Day off! Will be reconnected to the internet!

Feeling Incredible thankful all this went so smooth!

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Stock taking II

by Anna

sewing a jersey beanie
mending my sore throat
ripping apart what I wanted to be a balloon paperbag skirt
knitting uh, right, the yarn store is moving: SALE!
drafting a simple skirt from that missoni style fabric

crafting little red dwarf hats
gathering ideas for lanterns
preparing for fall
painting with sharpies on jam jars
loving the crisp morning air

cooking zucchini-spring-onion-polenta with halloumi cheese
baking savory still a dream, but what do you think about a quiche involving pink pepper?
baking sweet crumble: redcurrant, plum, …
mixing apple juice and water
eating not as healthy as I would like
drinking apple-vanilla-rooibos-tea

writing papers for work
reading “La vie en mieux” by Anna Gavalda in French (only the second time I read for fun in French, let me tell you: it’s hard even though it’s my favourite author)
listening to my favorite childhood tunes by Rolf und seine Freunde
planning to soon find a new space (cross your fingers for me, PLEASE!)
going to Zucker für die Seele Designmarkt on September, 7

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The Dress – Retro Butterick ’60 B5748

by Anna
annas butterick retro b5748
Can I just let the pictures do the talking?
kleid nähen butterick schnitt
My friend Hülya took these photos last sunday during the blue hour (thanks ever so much!), so I could finally show the dress that Hetty doesn’t want me to wear to someone’s (really anyone’s) wedding. I had sewn it with no occasion in mind, but when I finished I felt like this was something to wear to a marriage. Now, that I see it in photos I totally get Hettys point. While in real life the blue of the flowers outweighs the white, in pictures it looks much lighter and then there definitely is too much white for another girls wedding. With that said let’s talk about this pattern!
butterick retro B5748
I love this dress and I love the pattern. It was my first Butterick and I am so pleased with the fit. First of all, I had never made a pattern where seam allowance was included – it’s the raddest thing! Then it fits ME like a glove, like really truly. Maybe I have a 1960s figure?!? I made no size alterations whatsoever and this is so rare. You have me cursing on many a pattern because there is always something concerning the waist, the darts or the bust. Here – nada.
diy dress easy
(Ok, being German I have to find the one tiny fault: Next time I would make the straps closer together i.e. make the upper front slightly narrower. Details, folks, details.)
dress twirls
I stuck with view A of the pattern, just omitting the front bow and the slits in the neckline. Which basically makes it a view B with a bow in the back. Whatever. Cutting was basic, sewing was easy. There are long darts but they posed no problem. I went with a medium weight cotton mix fabric with woven white stripes and printed blue flowers. It’s the same fabric Hetty used for this dress, just blue instead of her red.
Retro Butterick '60 dress
Fun fact: My fabric resembles the drawing on the pattern envelope a lot: Also blue flowers on white background. This is why I chose that fabric (from my stash) to make this exact dress. Even though I did not have quite enough cloth which makes the skirt shorter in some areas. Oh well. Would you have known? And since I am one who is more interested in the result than the process I have sewn in one session. Outcome: I am very happy with both the process and the result.
vintage pattern dress
This is a Misses’ / Misses’ Petite Dress. Considering I am 180 cm (almost 6 feet) tall and since I made this in a size 14 it is pretty impressive that it fits like this. The darts that come up from the midriff seam really work in my favor. Mental note to self: Make more clothes with darts like those. This is my first piece of clothing with darts from the midriff up. Was that a 60s thing? (Do not mention to anyone that I went to fashion school. I should know that kind of thing, no?)
rückansicht butterick schnitt retro
In case you are in Europe (like me) and pondering buying the pattern: I totally recommend you do. Wait for a sale. I got the pattern when lots of them were for 2.99$.
vintage schnitt kleid
I am wearing the retro Butterick pattern dress with a vintage petticoat, fleamarket bag and Mary-Jane-type skyblue leather kicks from a few seasons ago. Fun (well, not so fun) fact: I forgot the bag at one of the doorhandles on location. And then I forgot about forgetting it allover again. Will go tomorrow to check if it’s still there. If not, at least I have picture-perfect memories of it now. On the other hand, we photographed in the court of a prison that is not used anymore. What do you think my chances are of getting the bag back? – Ok. Enough. Happy weekend ~Anna~


I want to remember: My kitchen

by Anna
wooden kitchen counter
I had to have a wooden counter top. I considered sealing it at one point but is too darn pretty all natural… Also: recently thrifted tins and my Cookin’ Cowgirl oven mitt, a gift from Mimi about ten years ago
I have never shared more of my apartment than the gallery wall above my sewing machine in the hallway. Now that I am going to move, I realized that it will never be finished, neat enough (nor tidy enough), neither perfectly lit nor super well decorated to be photographed. I am not a neat freak and my ideas of how I want things to look change so quickly that I decided now is the time to capture my kitchen in pictures in the state it is right now. This is my kitchen today, August, 1st 2014. This is how I want to remember it.

And then there are thousands of food photos from the past 21 months plus all those memories of happy times spent here that are etched in my heart…
lavendar kitchen faucet
I love that faucet. I hunted high and low for this one and I am glad I did! I will sell the kitchen but this faucet will stay with me.
2014 is the year of change for me. Today I started my new job. Next up is the move out of this – my – place. When I look back at the past months there was something new happening almost every month. While there certainly is one more thing I would like to experience this year, I can hardly wait for life to slow down a bit and settle in a new routine. A general life routine is good to be creative. The best ideas are born from boredom – or from necessity.
lavendar kitchen table
This table came with my parents house that was built in 1928. It’s an old childrens desk and judging my its style and craftmanship I guess it dates back to the early years of the house. Since its too low for me to eat at, there is an Ikea table base underneath. A floating table…
lavender kitchen cabinet
Is the color I painted the cabinets with lavender or lilac? It doesn’t really matter. All I care about it how well it looks with the gold (nail) polished knobs… And the note how much burgundy lace ribbon to buy for Hetty.
kitchen window sill
I was spoilt with natural light in this apartment. Even in the kitchen! And there totally is one of the rare photos of Hetty and me togehter.

Happy weekend!

en route

Baltic Sea – Usedom

by Anna
Möwe Mario
I thought I was back on track with blogging… But life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. Nevertheless I managed to spend almost three days at the coast.
Usedom strandaufgang
Zinnowitz, island Usedom
Smooth sand
Endless pier
Small patches of fir forest
Always a breeze
Breathtaking sunsets
Stunning mansions
Walking everywhere

Those paths from the promenade through the fir trees – or hedges, as seen above – to the beach – this is where I leave all my worries behind!
Baltic Sea Beach

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Stock taking

by Anna
I loved the concept of this kind of post when I first saw it here and felt inspired to do my own stock taking post when I read this awesome blog post idea round-up on sunday morning. I will stay within my blog’s themes – DIY, handmade fashion and home made food – will still giving you a little bit of insight in my life/mind/heart.
sewing button holes on yet another dress
mending a rainbow colored dress for my sweet little cousin
ripping apart my favorite bag to remake it
knitting still this sweater (been on a long hiatus)
drafting the perfect handbag (I am all about bags right now)

crafting (non-fashion related) nothing (!)
gathering supplies to make a paint box purse
preparing to soon make my own espadrilles, there is a design contest on Burda!
painting dots on leggins using Q-Tips could have used Hettys Oropax method as well
loving the idea of making a macrame waistcoat

cooking basic and with lots of rocket salad
baking savory scones with fresh herbs Gourmet Guerillas way
baking sweet honey thyme tarte as inspired by this
mixing a dairy-free version of “Solero”
eating too many cookies
drinking Rotling wine by Eckes Wallhausen and “Caipi Espanol” à la Moccaklatsch and lots of Chai tea

writing a presentation on the phenomenon of FLOW on the typewriter I just bought so cheap – just kidding
reading a lot of books again lately, currently Der Glückbringer found at the library booksale
listening to George Ezra (and to the rain – isn’t it supposed to be summer?)
planning a move
going on a trip to the Baltic Sea for three days tomorrow and to the Netherlands for a weekend in July
Here at Meet my at Mikes is a list by Pip with prompts for taking stock posts – so much fun!